Support those who put lives on the line

Thousands gathered along the funeral procession route of Cincinnati Police Officer Sonny Kim on Friday, June 26. I was proud to have the opportunity to stand and show my respect for this fine man who gave his life protecting us. As we stood waiting, we embraced, shed tears, shared our thoughts and formed new friendships. We had come together for one purpose, to honor Officer Kim and to show his family and his fellow police officers that we care.

The thousands included children with parents trying to explain to their younger ones why we were there. A teary-eyed young man, a student in UC’s School of Criminal Justice, with his camera, documented the sad day. The “Warthogs”, current and retired police officers and firefighters, over 200 strong on their Harleys, lined up at the cemetery entrance. Those with children serving in law enforcement — I being one — shared their pride and concerns. Many others with their stories stood; we all had purpose that day!

As I stood there Friday, my faith was renewed as I looked out across all those fine people who had made the effort to stand up and show that they did care!

A dear friend who is a police officer and who had been a part of Officer Kim’s procession posted the same sentiment. His faith was renewed as he looked out across the aces of all those who stood along the procession route. These were some of the faces of good people in our communities — faces they seldom see!

I pray we will stand together, come forward on a daily basis and support these courageous men and women who put their lives on the line each day — for US!

Susan Case