Support sought to repeal Gateway

We would like to thank the residents of Wilmington for their support in defeating the Gateway Zoning map. As a small group, it was an overwhelming task to share information and explain our concerns. We are grateful for all who allowed us into their homes and who helped put this issue on the ballot. Preserving our neighborhoods and our quality of life is essential, and we are willing to fight for that right. Thank you so much for signing the petition, allowing signs on your property and helping with this costly and time-consuming struggle.

Once again, we may need the help of our community. On Thursday, Dec. 3 at 6 p.m. the Wilmington City Council Judiciary Committee will be discussing the original Gateway Zoning ordinance on the second floor of the city building. They will be trying to decide whether to repeal the ordinance altogether or to change it in some way. After such an overwhelming defeat of the original map, we cannot see how this council can change this defective ordinance to make it acceptable to the citizens who will bear the brunt of its terms and conditions. Please give your support to a complete repeal of this ordinance. Your presence and support is welcome and appreciated.

Wilmington Citizens Referendum Committee