Ad about rape kits untruthful

Are you as tired of untruthful political ads as I am? As a teacher, I had to always teach facts, and I care that the person who becomes the Ohio governor is truthful. Let me give you the true facts about those rape kits.

When Richard Cordray became Ohio’s attorney general, he replaced another attorney general, and he did not serve a whole four years in office. While in office, he learned that rape kits were in numerous law enforcement departments scattered all over the state. Cordray believed that those kits should be sent to one central location and tested in a state laboratory. Thus, he ordered the thousands of rape kits sent from police and sheriff’s departments to Columbus.

With only five months left in Cordray’s term as attorney general, the state lab began testing. Then DeWine became attorney general, and he had almost eight years to complete the process. That is not exactly what we have been hearing in DeWine’s ads on TV.

I don’t know how many rape kits were tested in Cordray’s five months, but thank you Richard Cordray for ordering thousands of kits to one central location, updating the state laboratory, and getting the process started.

Personally, I want a governor who tells the truth, works hard for the people of Ohio, and doesn’t exaggerate the facts in his political ads and otherwise.

Ann Reno