GOP bringing America back to prosperity

Life has improved dramatically since the 2016 election. Republicans in the White House and holding the majority in Congress created a capitalist-friendly situation, encouraging investment in business.

With Democrats out of power, knowing they would not be punished for economic activity, investors jumped back into building commerce.

Economic growth has been dramatic — 4.2% the last quarter! Rising wages. Record low unemployment for women, minorities and youth. Lowest unemployment numbers overall since 1969. The stock market’s in record high territory. Jobs are returning from overseas and the President’s new trade deals promise new growth in foreign markets. A boost to manufacturing and agricultural jobs in Ohio!

Tax cuts have put more of your money back in your pocket. That means you will likely spend it on things you need and again that creates jobs.

America is back! Heck, North Korea’s ready to make peace.

Democrats are running on raising taxes. Eroding your civil rights. Impeachment and more politics of personal destruction. Presumption of innocence … gone. Their allies, a dangerous unruly mob, often masked, are attacking people. Don’t reward that. If Democrats win, they’ll bring the economy tumbling down, and worse.

More Republicans in the U.S. Senate, like Renacci, can overcome Democrat obstruction and filibusters. Get out and elect Republicans into federal, state and local offices. Don’t forget the judiciary, where we need justices and judges who follow the Constitution and the rule of law. Support Baldwin and DeGenaro for the Ohio Supreme Court.

Let’s keep Ohio and America on the right path. Vote straight GOP!

Tim Inwood


Clinton County GOP