Exercise your right to vote

Early voting began nearly a month ago. Many have cast their ballot before Election Day. This election is very important. It is important because it is your fundamental right and it provides for your voice on freedom, liberty, and governing authority. Early polling being reported across various networks say Republicans are turning out in high numbers, however there is a Democrat blue wave happening. Independents are voting in record numbers and third-party candidates have filled the ballot. This reporting points to one thing, it is important to fight apathy and go cast your ballot.

Your ballot contains party line candidates you will find judicial candidates, local tax issues, and even a statewide issue. My ballot included six locally proposed taxes, four judicial positions, and Statewide Issue 1. Special attention should be given to any statewide issue and all low-profile races — those are often more important in the preservation of liberty or the preservation of your wallet.

Your vote counts and especially in local elections. Other than federal and state government there are more than 89,500 local government jurisdictions across the nation that have some kind of fiscal, policy, or taxing authority. Make your voice heard, exercise your right, and fight apathy this election by voting. If I can manage to vote from an undisclosed location in Asia, then I hope you will take time to make your voice heard at home. Remember, you can vote early now, and Election Day is Nov. 6.

Jeremy Shaffer


Currently serving abroad in the USAF