Clinton-Massie students deserve ‘yes’ vote

I am not old enough to vote, but have spent time educating myself trying to fully understanding the consequences of the school levy. Our levy is threatening band programs, teachers, aids, transportation and safety.

How can we have a thriving community if we don’t have strong schools? Teachers have always encouraged students to respect people that made the way for us, try new things, get involved, participate in our community and give back. How do we learn these values if we are limited to core classes and lose the activities that build our character?

Recently I experienced the highlight of my high school term. It is a long-standing tradition in band, the Candlelight Ceremony on Senior Night. Seniors symbolically pass down their legacy to juniors by way of a candle. I have always dreamed of this moment. Finally it was my turn. I received it and realized nothing it represented would really matter if my teacher, Christin McClain, was gone. No teacher = no band. No legacy to pass to the next generation. McClain creates a bond with students and families that is lasting. She cares deeply about every single student’s success selflessly.

I have always been taught to give with my whole heart, not expecting anything in return. If I were able to vote today, my only choice would be “yes.” I believe that education is the only way to a secure future and I am counting on the help of voters for mine. Please vote “yes”!

Olivia Swicegood

Clinton-Massie junior