Negativity toward President Trump

During the past several months the Left and Main Street Media’s embarrassing and non-patriotic rhetoric has been extremely disturbing and to some extent very dangerous. This type of pathetic and low life comments could, at some point down the road, erupt in a serious political clash like we have never seen before … sort of a political war if you will. (Perhaps we are already there?)

According to a Harvard study, the press gives President Trump the most negative coverage of any president! Negative reports outpaced positive ones by 80% to 20%. Some of these hateful and very disturbing comments I will mention. Many of these comments are from the very left leaning New York Times and some of its (so called ) leading writers such as Maureen Dowd, Frank Bruni, Ross Douthat and David Leonhardt. And of course, from some of the Hollywood so-called celebrities. I will merely list the comments without naming the author: “ The dysfunctional dystopian Trump and for all of Trump’s insanity.” “Latest toad jumping from our President’s mouth…is Donald Trump acting like a sexist pig or simply a pig..I prefer a pig.” “ Push Trump off a Cliff!” “Trump’s Triumph of Incompetence.” “Donald Trump does his best Joe McCarthy.” “Grading Trump’s first 100 days – one calls it the most chaotic in US history.” “All of the President’s Lies Updated.” “Trump vs the Press: Crazy Stupid Love. Trump could not live without the Press.” “Trump Needs a Brain.” And the recent pipe bomb incident – Blaming the POTUS immediately after the incident occurred without any facts at all! And a certain Congressional person with the initials of M.W. calling for impeaching the POTUS even before he was inaugurated….

How far can hate go on the Left…I am quite certain we have not seen the end of it. Does the Left not understand that in any contest, including presidential elections, there are winners and losers? Apparently not! It would seem quite certain that with the change in the House of Representatives, the possible indictments, investigations, subpoenas etc. will proceed forward at a rapid pace. A person with a sound mind and good common sense would say, I think, it’s time to stop the hate, name calling, vile rhetoric, food fights and get back to doing the “People’s Business” in Washington! Stop the negativity and let’s start “positive” discussions and rhetoric!

George R. Cook