Hold our legislators accountable

Another week and both our state and national legislators continue to disappoint the American voters with their lack of action at all levels. In Ohio our so-called conservative Republicans once again couldn’t muster a veto blocking vote to pass the heartbeat bill and allowed our poor excuse of a governor to kill the heartbeat bill that would greatly reduce the number of abortions in Ohio.

On the national scene our Republican legislators after two years of majority control of both houses couldn’t agree on much of anything, allowing ObamaCare to survive, no southern border wall to be funded, Hillary and many of the Democratic leaders to escape federal prison for their antics, federal judges continuing to rule from the bench and not follow constitutional law, etc…

I for one am fed up with Washington and their blatant thumbing of their noses at the American voter and basically following their own agenda. It’s time for us the voters to push for term limits at both the state and national legislative branches. Two terms are more than enough for these elected officials to screw up our already broken government. I encourage voters to stop re-electing these legislators and send a strong message to all that the American voter has had it with our lawmakers who are more concerned about following the party line and not what’s best for America. Washington needs to follow the actions of President Trump and stop worrying about their job and make right decisions that are best for America. Let’s all start wearing out elected officials by calling and holding them accountable for the promises made while campaigning. Remember, they work for us!

Jack Hatten