Both work, and pay, are essential

In the Friday, January 4, 2019 issue, you printed an editorial titled “Their View: Shutdown destructive and inane”, reprinted from USA Today. It states in the article that “essential” workers are unaffected by the government shutdown. I beg to differ with them. “Essential workers” must report to work but will not receive a paycheck until this temper tantrum and tug of war is over.

My husband is a federal employee and we are affected by this shutdown. Newsflash to whoever wrote this article: not getting a paycheck does not “lessen the impact.” Our Congress has one job to do — pass a budget. How many years have we not had a budget?

I’m really not sure why President Trump’s temper tantrum can close the government down. I say we freeze all of his assets and credit cards along with everyone in Congress and see how fast this gets resolved. Get to work and do your jobs. My husband goes to work every day to help keep us all safe. We need our paycheck.

Sandra Fuller