Nancy Pelosi the ‘master strategist’

How often have we heard and seen the comment, from her and the D.C. Elite Democrats, that she is the Master Strategist….unfortunately it doesn’t say or indicate “of what!” And then we have some potty mouth comments with regard to our POTUS and I think we all know who that is…somewhere in the Detroit area I think. Maybe the Master Strategist should have stood up to this individual and introduced a little censorship for her profanity? And then we have the Master Strategist and several Democrat members of the House taking a little boondoggle down to Puerto Rico, apparently funded by several major Democrat supporters/donors…while the POTUS is in the White House waiting for the Democrat leader to come to the table and negotiate a solution to the funding for the wall/barrier and end the government shutdown? But Nancy says “no” and they boycott such an important discussion. Is that the way a Master Strategist works for the people of this country?

The Master Strategist indicates that the POTUS is “Holding the American People Hostage!” Well it could be said that vice versa applies as well! But can we reasonably argue with this highly talented, experienced Master Strategist? It is hard to understand how the Master Strategist doesn’t seem to get it that the “lack of border security” contributes to human trafficking, murders, drugs flow into this country, gang members crossing the border, potential terrorists entering the U.S. and all sorts of crime possibilities. The question does arise “Do the D.C. Democrat elites and in particular the Master Strategist and her sidekick, Chuck Schumer….really care about the safety of the American people?” Or do they just want to oppose everything our POTUS stands for and promotes? And most recently Master Strategist Pelosi asked the POTUS to cancel his State of the Union Address due to “security risks”…if you can believe that? And quickly thereafter the POTUS cancelled a military flight for Pelosi and several other DC Democrats on a trip to several foreign countries stating potential “security risks” not wanting to endanger their livelihood.

Once again, it looks like the Master Strategist isn’t concerned about sitting down at the table and negotiating a solution to the government shutdown or border security. A Master Strategist Role Model huh?

George R. Cook