Defending reasons behind Electoral College

The editorial “Expelling the Electoral College” in the Feb. 13 News Journal is, in my opinion, just another insidious, Anti-America attack on our Constitution, made to influence younger voters. It states that the Electoral College is “an archaic mechanism designed by elites who didn’t believe the American people were sufficiently intelligent to choose their chief executive.” This is certainly not what Abraham Lincoln believed. He said our founders gave us government “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Lincoln was absolutely right. There would be no “United States” of America without our founders’ inclusion of the Electoral College. If “popular vote” had been the method for selecting a president, the states with the least population would have no voice in the election, and would refuse to join such a union. The “mechanism” was designed by practical, patriotic, Christian men to allow all the people in all the states to have a voice in electing their president.

The same problem exists today. The Feb. 13 editorial says, “Democrats tend to concentrate in urban areas, while Republican voters are distributed more evenly throughout the country.” If we who live in less-populous states do not want the states with huge urban areas (New York and California) to elect our presidents, we must oppose all “popular vote” propaganda and proposals.

It also states that the Electoral College “was designed in part to protect slavery.” Again, as Lincoln said, we were given a government “of the people, by the people, for the people” — not one protecting slavery. The slavery issue was not taken up in designing our Constitution, the reason again being to ensure acceptance by all the states of this union called the “United States.”

Cary Hodson

New Vienna