SBAAC football recaps, leaders and playoff outlooks

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The final regular season of the 2021 football season is upon us.


Goshen 41 Batavia 20: Jess Roller of BHS completed 24 of 29 passes for 2 TDs, with Max Applegate hauling in 16 of those for 194 yards and a touchdown. Evan Harris of Goshen had eight solo tackles in the win.

Clinton-Massie 70 New Richmond 34: The teams combined for 1,061 yards. Bo Snider was a one-man show for the Lions, throwing for 276 yards and two TDs while rushing for 172 yards and 3 scores. Tyler Sininger had a 10-186-1 receiving line. Jack Moore was in on 9 tackles for the Lions while Luke Abbott had 7. Carson Vanhoose went 14-254-3 rushing to pace the Massie offense but had plenty of help. Rushing lines were Carter Frank 12-122-1 and Colton Trampler 7-95-2. Trampler also recovered a fumble and had 6 tackles. Charley Hale led CM with 10 tackles. Leyton Bell and Braydon Green also had 6 tackles.

Western Brown 49 Wilmington 28: It was the Drew Novak show for the Broncos, passing for 450 yards and 5 TDs and rushing for 73 yards and 2 touchdowns more. Dylan Novak went 8-167-1 receiving and Logan Campbell caught 3 TD passes. Dane Tomlin had 11 tackles and Dakota Luther 9 for WB. Cameron McEvoy passed for 203 yards and 3 TDs for WHS. Thad Stuckey rushed for 68 yards and a TD and caught 45 yards and TD through the air. Josh Snell led WHS with 10 tackles while Tanner Killen was in on 8.

Blanchester 55 Fayetteville-Perry 35: In another shootout, BHS and FHS combined for 902 yards. Blan ran for 420 yards with Michael Mulvihill going for 21-222-6 on the ground. Adam Frump had 2 interceptions. Kennedy Campbell, Joey Haines and Dylan Short were in on 4 tackles for BHS. Levi Wiederhold threw for 320 yards and 5 TDs, with Jayden Bradshaw posting a 7-121-4 receiving line. Damion Kistler went 5-103-1 through the air.

East Clinton 45 Clermont NE 7: The Astros averaged 10.3 yards per carry with Jared Smith leading the way with a 10-177-2 line. Glenn Peacock went 9-108-2 on the ground. Peacock and Gavin Denniston had turnovers for the EC defense with Aiden Conger, Chris Norman and Adrian Baker led with 5 tackles each. Jacob Groeber led CNE with 9 tackles while Ethan Wilson was in on 8.

Bethel-Tate 45 Williamsburg 0: The Tigers offense was in high gear with Cameron Snider passing for 342 yards and 3 scores and rushing for 1 more. Mikey Molloy went 25-178-3 on the ground. Ethan Carter caught 123 yards and 1 TD while Gauge Dunn caught 121 and a TD. Norman Darnell Jr. was credited with 19 tackles with Nolan Darnell was in on 14. Hank Williams had 9 tackles and a pick. Ashton Wolfe had an interception and Austin Brookenthal had a fumble recovery.


Touchdowns: Jayden Bradshaw, Fay, 19; Trystan Gries, Wbg, 17; Carson Vanhoose, CM, 15; Drew Novak, WB, 13; Carter Frank, CM, 12; Damion Kistler, Fay, 12; Mikey Molloy, BT, 12; Wyatt Burton, BT, 12; Thad Stuckey, WHS, 11; Jared Smith, EC, 11

Passing: Drew Novak, WB, 3691; Levi Wiederhold, Fay, 2997; Cameron Snider, BT, 1802; Cameron McEvoy, WHS, 1147

Rushing: Mikey Molloy, BT, 1212; Carson Vanhoose, CM, 1021; Trystan Gries, Wbg, 965; Thad Stuckey, WHS, 920; Jared Smith, EC, 809

Receiving: Jayden Bradshaw, Fay, 10032; Dylan Novak, WB, 996; Logan Campbell, WB, 857; Damion Kistler, Fay, 796; Blake Coffman, Fay, 725

Kicking: Evan Grimes, WB, 49; Ean McGuinness, CM, 45; Parker Henry, WHS, 38

Tackles: Tanner Fleming, Fay, 107; Norman Darnell Jr, BT, 92; Dakota Luther, WB, 89; Jack Moore, NR, 84; Quentin Collins, WB, 77

Sacks: Norman Darnell Jr, BT, 10; Tanner Fleming, Fay, 10; Trent Kellerman, Wbg, 7; Colton Trampler, CM, 6; Billy Foster, NR, 5.5; Jaden Singleton, EC, 5.5

Interceptions: Quentin Collins, WB, 5; Ashton Wolfe, BT, 5; Jace Canter, Wbg, 4; Mike Brown, WHS 3; Kody Zantene, CM, 3; Glenn Peacock, EC, 3; Brody Fisher, EC, 3; Teddy Conley, Wbg, 3

Punting: Trystan Gries, Wbg, 40.6; Connor Yeager, CNE, 40.3; Jared Smith, EC, 39.0; Tracker Newberry, Gos, 38.8; Parker Henry, WHS 33.2


According to Joe Eitel’s website that is the official tracker of the OHSAA’s Harbin Ratings, this is how the SBAAC teams stack up.

D3 R11: Western Brown is currently 6th and likely a top 12 seed. Wilmington is likely eliminated.

D3 R12: New Richmond is in playoff limbo. Suffice to say, the Lions must win and get some help to advance. Goshen is likely eliminated.

D4 R16: Clinton-Massie is 5th and likely a top 8 seed meaning the Falcons will host in Week 1. Bethel-Tate is 6th and likely a top 8 seed as well. Batavia is likely eliminated.

D5 R20: Williamsburg is 11th and likely controls own destiny with a win. Blanchester is 13th and East Clinton 14th. Site says Wildcats and Astros both likely control their own destiny, so almost certainly a win or go home scenario at Barbour Memorial Field Friday night. Clermont Northeastern must win and get plenty of help.

D7 R28: Fayetteville is 8th and almost certainly will play Week 11 however a home game is still up in the air.

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