You Matter: WC volleyball partners with Office of Diversity & Inclusion

WILMINGTON, Ohio – The Wilmington College volleyball team features a roster covering five states in 2021, and along with a team that had a wide variety of upbringings, first-year head coach Sophie Windover wanted to highlight those differences.

“We wanted to find ways to be encouraging to each other,” said Windover. “Everyone’s story, history and background matters … from the color of your skin to your religion to your sexual orientation to the favorite meal your mom or dad cooks.”

To further celebrate this cause, Windover tapped Chip Murdock, WC’s Director Diversity & Inclusion. His suggestion – join the “You Matter” campaign that began in the fall of 2019 that has been supported by community members both past and present.

“We started the ‘You Matter’ movement, which happened before the COVID-19 pandemic, to help promote unity on campus,” Murdock said. “No matter who you are, you’re important to us. Sophie jumped on that this fall as something that resonated with her program.”

The volleyball team chose to wear You Matter shirts for the Fightin’ Quakers’ match with Ohio Northern University. The aim, per coach Windover, was to display team unity not only in volleyball, but in all other aspects of life.

“We need to be together to have success,” the coach said. “That togetherness doesn’t end when we leave the court. The world and our country can be a very divided place, and if our program can come together and show that everyone matters, that’s meaningful.”