2022 Fall Preview: Clinton-Massie Tennis

The Falcons were 4-6 in American Division play, 7-9 overall.

Clinton-Massie dominated the second team All-SBAAC squad, according to the league website, with graduate Vanessa Asher leading the way. Underclassmen who garnered league honors were Elle Dunham, Noel Gasaway, Brylie Green, Lilly Logsdon, Addison Swope and Mikayla Wonderly.

Head coach Julie Kirby, now in her third year, is expecting good numbers for her squad, which should be in contention for an American Division championship.

Dunham, Wonderly, Emma Everitt, Ava Long, Swope, Logsdon, Green, Gasaway, Maria Jones, Bella Bullock, Dakota Cartner, Paige Oberweiser and Ellie Smith and Taylee Olberding are currently out for the team.

“I can not say enough about our returning underclassmen,” Kirby said. “They have known what it is like to have a losing season and they have know what it is like to start winning and they are ready to win more this year. All of them have been putting in the work in the off-season to improve and it shows on the court.”

Kirby likes the sophomore class, saying it “has always shown a great deal of maturity and leadership on the court. They love the game and take it seriously. Brylie Green and Lilly Logsdon are two that lead by example on the court. They have great sportsmanship and are there to play the game. Addison Swope is an amazing player that the other girls look at and learn from. I am fortunate to have a team full of leaders.”

Kirby said improvement may lead to immediate wins as there were numerous “almost” wins for Clinton-Massie last season.

“Tennis is a mental game and hopefully focusing on the individual wins will help,” said Kirby.