Oh, Henry: Hildebrandt starts XC season with win at Monroe

Blan, Wilmington both at Monroe Invitational on Monday

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MONROE — Wilmington’s Henry Hildebrandt won the two-mile varsity boys race Monday at the Monroe Invitational Cross Country meet.

Hildebrandt covered the layout in 11:02.8.

“Every runner who ran this course last year, ran it faster this year,” WHS coach Karen Heslop said.

The Wilmington boys were runnersup to Monroe in the varsity race.

Jeffrey Andrew Wyss was the top Blanchester finishing, running 12:14.7 and placing sixth.

On the girls side, Madilyn Brausch of WHS was runnerup in 14:07.1. The Hurricane girls were fourth overall.

Kaci Grillot was the only BHS runner in the race, placing 36th in 23:26.1.

In the junior high school races, Cooper Short was the top runner from Wilmington on the boys side while Kara Ellis was the fastest girl.

For Blanchester, Landon Abt was the lone boy and Aisley Czaika was the only girl to compete in the junior high races.


Aug 22, 2022

Monroe Invitational

@Monroe High School


Teams: Monroe 31 Wilmington 63 Cincinnati Christian 75 Taylor 91 Reading 99

Individuals: 1-Henry Hildebrandt (Wil) 11:02.8; 6-Jeffrey Andrew Wyss (Blan) 12:14.7; 14-Connor Walters (Wil) 12;59.4; 18-Dylan Littrell (Wil) 13:18.0; 20-Oliver McDermott (Wil) 13:20.6; 26-Sam Burt (Wil) 13:53.4; 29-Aiden Matheney (Wil) 14:17.4; 31-Carson Wyss (Blan) 14;52.5; 35-Matthias Brausch (Wil) 15:01.5; 36-Jacob Vance (Wil) 15:05.1; 37-Preston Ziegler (Wil) 15:08.3; 38-Jeremiah Schlabach (Wil) 15:09.2; 41-Kaleb Tabor (Blan) 15:48.4; 52-Brendon Crothers (Blan) 19:46.1; 54-Jayden Comer (Wil) 19:58.4


Teams: Taylor 38 Monroe 46 Preble Shawnee 67 Wilmington 80

Individuals: 1-Elilse Lindle (Taylor) 13:45.4; 2-Madilyn Brausch (Wil) 14:07.1; 5-Kennedy Moore (Wil) 14:42.4; 24-Mia Hollingsworth (Wil) 18:44.7; 34-Kalli Abbitt (Wil) 21:03.5; 36-Kaci Grillot (Blan) 23:26;1. 37-Alice Clair (Wil) 23:39.9


Teams: Mason 21 Miamisburg 58 Oakwood 72 Wilmington 138 Fairfield 167 Middletown 169 Monroe 179 Preble Shawnee 216 Edgewood 243 Reading 262

Individuals: 1-Zachary Hayden 10:51.9; 22-Cooper Short (Wil) 13:20.7; 49-Colton Anderson (Wil) 14:03.8; 50-Earich Knox (Wil) 14:04.9; 52-Max McCoy (Wil) 14:10.3; 59-Holden Wulff (Wil) 14:21.8; 140-Leviticus Schlabach (Wil) 17:27.7; 151-Scotty Hall Jr (Wil) 17:54.1; 152-Maxwell McDermott (Wil) 17:57.6; 156-Landon Abt (Blan) 18:05.5


Teams: Oakwood 34 Mason 45 Fairfield 80 Edgewood 97 Monroe 120

Individuals: 1-Caroline Wilcox (Mon) 13:33.8; 91-Kara Ellis (Wil) 21:04.4; 109-Aisley Czaika (Blan) 23:53.3; 116-Cecillia Hackney (Wil) 27:29.2

Blan, Wilmington both at Monroe Invitational on Monday

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