4 months after ace, Conley gets Albatross

News Journal

As rare, if not rarer, than a hole-in-one in golf is the Albatross, finishing a single hole three shots under par.

Eric Conley, who had a hole in one earlier this year, posted the Albatross on No. 11 Thursday at the Elks 797 Golf Course.

No. 11 is a little more than 500 yards long. Conley was 230 yards from the hole following his tee shot.

Using a 4-iron, Conley put his second shot on the par 5 in the hole for the unlikely Albatross.

Most score of a hole-in-one come on par 3 holes, which means the golfer is 2-under par making the Albatross just as unlikely if not more.


News Journal