Massie girls end drought against Wilmington

Hurricane boys 2nd, Falcons 3rd

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WILMINGTON — For the first time since at least 2015-16, and in the final event of the night, the Clinton-Massie girls swim team defeated Wilmington.

In a tri-meet with Waynesville Thursday night at the Wilmington College pool, Clinton-Massie edged Wilmington by the slimmest of margins, 115 to 114.

In the boys meet, Waynesville was easily first with 158 points followed by Wilmington 51, Clinton-Massie 18. Waynesville won each of the 11 events.

Wilmington had an individual second in the 200 freestyle as Aidan Benitez was runnerup in 2:48.1. Benitez, Sam Burt, Henry Hildebrandt and Preston Zeigler were second in the 200 free relay.

Clinton-Massie had Quinton Smith second in the 400 free in 5:55.63.

In the girls meet, going to the final event Wilmington was on top 104-99. Win or not, Wilmington just needed to finish ahead of Clinton-Massie to win the meet.

Instead, the Falcon quartet of Malea Beam, Bailee Williams, Emma Everitt and Erin Belisle swam 5:13.2 and easily won the relay event, and the meet, by 33 seconds.

Other Massie wins came in the 200 free (Everitt), 200 IM (Beam), 100 breast (Ellie Smith) and the 200 medley relay (Williams, Smith, Beam, Erin Belisle).

Wilmington wins were the 100 free (Hannah Scott), 400 free (Bailey Moyer), 200 free relay (Vanessa Calderone, Scott, Benitez, Moyer).


Jan 12, 2023

@Wilmington College Natatorium

Girls Results

Teams: Clinton-Massie 115, Wilmington 114, Waynesville 38

200 Medley Relay: Clinton-Massie (Bailee Williams, Ellie Smith, Malea Beam, Erin Belisle) 2:30.85; Wilmington (Hannah Scott, Adriana Benitez, Bailey Moyer, Vanessa Calderone) 2:33.71; Waynesville 2:49.39; Wilmington B (Ella Neuenschwander, Lauren Harmeling, Sofia Castillo, Alice Clair) 3:10.29

200 Free: Emma Everitt (CM) 2:55.31; Erin Belisle (CM) 2:58.15; Adriana Benitez (WIL) 3:06.12; Ella Neuenschwander (WIL) 3:12.52

200 IM: Malea Beam (CM) 3:07.08; Vanessa Calderone (WIL) 3:37.48; Elise Dennis (CM) 3:45.02; Sofia Castillo (WIL) 4:30.91

50 Free: Matt (Wa) 31.29; Bailey Moyer (WIL) 31.57; Emma Everitt (CM) 34.82; Ashley Delph (WIL) 37.11; Winzler (Wa) 37.3; Madilyn Brausch (WIL) 37.32

100 Fly: Matt (Wa) 1;26.53; Bailee Williams (CM) 1:30.58; Adriana Benitez (WIL) 1:41.6; Lauren Harmeling (WIL) 1:59.88

100 Free: Hannah Scott (WIL) 1:17.08; Ellie Smith (CM) 1:23.8; Winzler (Wa) 1:27.3; Alice Clair (WIL) 1:28.16; Pearson (Wa) 1:28.34; Gracie Linebaugh (CM) 1:33.29

400 Free: Bailey Moyer (WIL) 5:45.78; Erin Belisle (CM) 6:04.88; Madilyn Brausch (CM) 6:37.9

200 Free Relay: Wilmington (Vanessa Calderone, Hannah Scott, Adriana Benitez, Bailey Moyer) 2:20.26; Clinton-Massie (Ellie Smith, Gracie Linebaugh, Elise Dennis, Emma Everitt) 2:26.18; Waynesville 2:27.38; Wilmington B (Sofia Castillo, Lauren Harmeling, Ella Neuenschwander, Ashley Delph) 2:32.28; Clinton-Massie (Audree Testa, Emily Kau, Halle Dennis, Johanna VanPelt) 2:44.01

100 Back: Bailee Williams (CM) 1:23.55; Malea Beam (CM) 1:28; Ella Neuenschwander (WIL) 1:39.98; Ashley Delph (WIL) 1:58.67

100 Breast: Ellie Smith (CM) 1:39.7; Hannah Scott (WIL) 1:41.66; Vanessa Caldeone (WIL) 1:50.19; Audree Testa (CM) 2:22.11

400 Free Relay: Clinton-Massie (Malea Beam, Bailee Williams, Emma Everitt, Erin Belisle) 5:13.2; Wilmington (Madilyn Brausch, Alice Clair, Ashley Delph, Sofia Castillo) 5:46.55; Clinton-Massie B (Audree Testa, Emily Kau, Halle Dennis, Johanna VanPelt) 6:39.75

Boys Results

Teams: Waynesville 158, Wilmington 51, Clinton-Massie 18

200 Medley Relay: Waynesville 2:15.18; Waynesville B 2:21.41; Wilmington (Henry Hildebrandt, Sam Burt, Aidan Benitez, Preston Zeigler) 2:49.47

200 Free: Blevins (Wa) 2:31.67; Aidan Benitez (WIL) 2:48.1; Smith (Wa) 3:04.39; Jake Vance (WIL) 3:23.35

200 IM: Weaver (Wa) 2:58.51; Kazmierski (Wa) 3:08.56; Eshler (Wa) 3:14.2; Preston Zeigler (WIL) 3:36.66

50 Free: Leopold (Wa) 28.63; G. Wooldridge (Wa) 28.84; N. Wooldridge (Wa) 30.29; Quinton Smith (CM) 31.05; Blaine Testa (CM) 31.59; Sam Burt (WIL) 32.57

100 Fly: Blevins (Wa) 1:15.16; Weaver (Wa) 1:19.59; G. Wooldridge (Wa) 1:31.92

100 Free: Leopold (Wa) 1:10.82; Huffman (Wa) 1:11.66; N. Wooldridge (Wa) 1:12.33; McCall Hensley (CM) 1:17.21; Preston Zeigler (WIL) 1:18.41; Blaine Testa (CM) 1:23.74

400 Free: Myers (Wa) 5:15.94; Quinton Smith (CM) 5:55.63; Aidan Benitez (WIL) 6:02.92; Sam Burt (WIL) 6:19.02

200 Free Relay: Waynesville 1:58.53; Wilmington (Aidan Benitez, Sam Burt, Henry Hildebrandt, Preston Zeigler) 2:11.85

100 Back: Eshler (Wa) 1:18.63; Smith (Wa) 1:26.54; Henry Hildebrandt (WIL) 2:01.06; Conner Walters (WIL) 2:04.86

100 Breast: Myers (Wa) 1:30.49; Huffman (Wa) 1:31.34; McCall Hensley (CM) 1:46.46; Jake Vance (WIL) 1:56.74; Oliver McDermott (WIL) 2:01.53

400 Free Relay: Waynesville 5:12.21
Hurricane boys 2nd, Falcons 3rd

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