CM softball tops Lebanon, drops one to Mason

LEBANON- The Clinton-Massie softball team split two games Friday night at Armco Park.

The Lady Falcons defeated Lebanon 4-2 and lost to Mason 7-0.

Against Lebanon, Lindsey Carter scattered four hits and was backed by tremendous defense, coach Anthony Lauer said.

“Our defense was absolutely spectacular during this game,” Lauer said. “Our outfielders made some tremendous plays. This was a great win for this team”

Against Mason, Lauer said his squad just couldn’t carry over the intensity against the Comets.

“These two games against big D1 schools known for their softball programs will play dividends in helping this team continue to prepare for May,” he said. “You can play a schedule that allows you to win 20 games. However, if those 20 games aren’t competitive games against good teams they mean nothing. I have always believed that your regular season schedule will prepare you for the tournament season.”


April 5 2019

@Armco Park

Clinton-Massie 4 Lebanon 2

(4) CLINTON-MASSIE (ab-r-h-rbi) Carter 4-1-1-0 Sivert 4-1-3-1 Lay 4-1-1-0 Anderson 3-1-1-0 Drake 3-0-2-1 Doan 4-0-2-1 Clayborn 3-0-1-0 Doss 4-0-2-1 Florea 3-0-0-0

2B: Sivert, Carter

3B: Sivert


Carter (W)^7^4^2^2^1^6

Mason 7 Clinton-Massie 0

(0) CLINTON-MASSIE (ab-r-h-rbi) Carter 3-0-1-0 Sivert 3-0-0-0 Lay 3-0-0-0 Anderson 2-0-1-0 Drake 2-0-0-0 Wilson 1-0-0-0 Doan 3-0-0-0 Clayborn 3-0-1-0 Doss 2-0-0-0 Florea 2-0-0-0

HBP: Anderson

Florea 2-0-0-0

HBP: Anderson

Florea (L)^7^9^7^5^1^7