Wilmington outduels former SCOL rival on Fayette Co. track

WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE – A pair of old South Central Ohio League rivals hooked up Tuesday night at the Washington Senior High School track and field complex.

Wilmington defeated Washington in both boys and girls meets – the girls coming out on top 74-70 and the boys posting a 94-54 win.

“Considering we mixed the relays and events up some, I feel the team responded very well,” WHS girls coach Roger Ilg said. “In many cases, the athletes were somewhat out of their comfort zone.”

The Lady Hurricane put on a show of depth in this one with six girls winning individual events. WHS won the two sprint relays.

On the boys side, Malik Scott was a three-event winner – the 100-, 200- and 400-meter dashes.


April 16 2019

@Washington Senior HS

Girls Results

TEAM SCORES: Wilmington 74 Washington 70

HIGH JUMP: 1-Katie Lambcke (WI) 4-8; 2-Jordan Snarr (WI) 4-6; 4-Ellie Wilson (WI) 4-2; 5-Aaliyah Wilson (WI) 3-6

DISCUS: 1-Shawn Conger (WA) 87-2; 2-Cayleigh Vance (WI) 85-2; 3-Aaliyah Huff (WI) 81-0; 4-Maddy Rickman (WI) 76-4; 5-Kaitlynn Hickey (WI) 74-10

LONG JUMP: 1-Sadie Bowman (WI) 13-11; 3-Claire Burns (WI) 13-6

POLE VAULT: 1-Emilee Pham (WI) 9-0; 2-Katie Lambcke (WI) 8-6

SHOT PUT: 1-Hannah Haithcock (WA) 32-8; 2-Kaitlynn Hickey (WI) 32-6.75; 4-Cayleigh Vance (WI) 29-0.5

4X800 RELAY: 1-Washington 12:10.01; 2-Wilmington (Josie Nichols, Skye Carpenter, Jordan Snarr, Shannon O’Boyle) 12:31.44

100 HURDLES: 1-Chloe Lovett (WA) 18.03; 3-Rhianna Madden (WI) 20.16; 4-Kenzie Voges Pertuset (WI) 20.18

100 DASH: 1-Sylena Baltazar (WI) 14.09; 3-Anna Borton (WI) 14.47; 4-Claire Burns (WI) 14.6; 5-Aaliyah Wilson (WI) 14.68

4X200 RELAY: 1-Wilmington A (Izzy Coomer, Jasmine Jamiel, Sylena Baltazar, Sadie Bowman) 1:56.39; 3-Wilmington B (Anna Borton, Samantha McCord, Sophie Burt, Skye Carpenter) 2:01.81

1600 RUN: 1-Abigail Tackage (WA) 6:48.7

4X100 RELAY: 1-Wilmington A (Anna Borton, Jasmine Jamiel, Izzy Coomer, Sylena Baltazar) 52.84; 3-Wilmington B (Sadie Bowman, Zoey Moore, Samantha McCord, Makiya Sherman) 57.9

400 DASH: 1-Sophie Burt (WI) 1:06.47; 4-Aaliyah Wilson (WI) 1:18.28

300 HURDLES: 1-Chloe Lovett (WA) 53.64; 2-Maggie Simonson (WI) 56.69; 3-Rhianna Madden (WI) 57.84; 4-Kenzie Voges Pertuset (WI) 58.33; 5-Jordan Snarr (WI) 58.66

800 RUN: 1-Cloe Copas (WA) 2:36.9; 2-Skye Carpenter (WI) 2:56.31; 3-Shannon O’Boyle (WI) 3:06.31

200 DASH: 1-Jasmine Jamiel (WI) 28.32; 2-Izzy Coomer (WI) 28.96; 3-Sylena Baltazar (WI) 29.35; 4-Sadie Bowman (WI) 29.87; 5-Samantha McCord (WI) 30.33

3200 RUN: 1-Abigail Tackage (WA) 16:00.43

4X400 RELAY: 1-Washington 4:40.88; 2-Wilmington A (Samantha McCord, Rhianna Madden, Maggie Simonson, Makiya Sherman) 4:46.7; 3-Wilmington B (Jasmine Jamiel, Claire Burns, Izzy Coomer, Josie Nichols) 4:51.02

Boys Results

TEAM SCORES: Wilmington 94 Washington 54

HIGH JUMP: 1-Cameron Coomer (WI) 5-6

DISCUS: 1-Sterling Smith (WA) 116-11; 2-Brett Brooks (WI) 109-9; 4-Elijah Martini (WI) 98-11; 5-Brady Sturgill (WI) 91-3

LONG JUMP: 1-Miguel O’Flaherty (WA) 19-3; 3-Zainne Cowin (WI) 18-9; 4-Carter Huffman (WI) 18-8; 5-Grant Mayer (WI) 18-6

POLE VAULT: 1-Mason McIntosh (WI) 13-0; 3-Ryan Camp (WI) 11-6

SHOT PUT: 1-Sterling Smith (WA) 46-11; 2-Brett Brooks (WI) 45-7; 4-John Stewart (WI) 34-9; 5-Elijah Martini (WI) 34-2

4X800 RELAY: 1-Wilmington A (Tyler Preston, Pedro Escobedo, Trevor Billingsly, Ricky Dungan) 9:48.9

110 HURDLES: 1-Trent Langley (WA) 16.4; 2-Dre’Aunte Singleton (WI) 18.58; 3-Brandon Glass (WI) 19.71

100 DASH: 1-Malik Scott (WI) 12.09; 2-Grant Mayer (WI) 12.29; 5-Ely Schumacher (WI) 12.5

4X200 RELAY: 1-Wilmington A (Dre’Aunte Singleton, Carter Huffman, Grant Mayer, Brandon Glass) 1:38; 3-Wilmington B (Rico Ruivaponte, Noah Stirr, Elijah Danku, Ely Schumacher) 1:48.73

1600 RUN: 1-Trevor Billingsly (WI) 5:21.9; 3-Cameron Coomer (WI) 5:32.58; 4-Tony Mabry (WI) 6:01.56; 5-Brady McKinney (WI) 6:20.41

4X100 RELAY: 1-Wilmington A (Zainne Cowin, Carter Huffman, Grant Mayer, Dre’Aunte Singleton) 47.5; 4-Wilmington C (Rico Ruivaponte, Noah Stirr, Elijah Danku, Ely Schumacher) 51.78; 5-Wilmington B (Brady Sturgill, Andrew Stewart, John Stewart, Brett Brooks) 54.81

400 DASH: 1-Malik Scott (WI) 55.54; 3-Cameron Coomer (WI) 56.21; 4-Brandon Glass (WI) 58.13

300 HURDLES: 1-Dre’Aunte Singleton (WI) 45.5; 3-Ricky Dungan (WI) 50.11

800 RUN: 1-Aidan Hester (W() 2:11.3; 2-TJ Killen (WI) 2:12.03; 3-Tyler Parks (WI) 2:15.73

200 DASH: 1-Malik Scott (WI) 24.78; 2-Carter Huffman (WI) 24.94; 3-Zainne Cowin (WI) 25.28; 5-Ely Schumacher (WI) 26.92

3200 RUN: 1-Tyler Preston (WI) 11:25.41; 2-Pedro Escobedo (WI) 11:31.58; 4-Nathon Wood (W) 12:36.39; 5-Calvin Walls (WI) 13:47.74

4X400 RELAY: 1-Wilmington A (Aidan Hester, TJ Killen, Joshua Andrews, Cameron Coomer) 3:45