ROB girls win SBAAC track, field champioship

BATAVIA – Wilmington’s Rodger O. Borror Middle School girls track and field team held off New Richmond Monday for the SBAAC Junior High Track & Field Championship.

The league meet was held at Batavia High School and the Wilmington squad scored a 100.5 to 98.5 win over the young Lady Lions.

Clinton-Massie was seventh, Blanchester 10th and East Clinton 11th.

Ainsley Whitaker posted the lone win for Blanchester, hurling the discus 90-2 to win the event. Aubrey Stevens was runnerup in the 100 (13.7).

The lone win for the Lady Hurricane was by Sophie Huffman in the 800-meter run (2:37.93). But depth was the key to victory for ROB as Huffman had a pair of seconds (1,600 and 400), Brynn Bryant was runnerup in the high jump (4-8) and third in the 100 hurdles (18.44). Wilmington also was second in the 4×100 and 4×200 relays.

The top finish for Massie was by Kaden Kimple in the long jump where her 14-0.5 effort was good for second place.

East Clinton’s top finishes were by Timmi Mahanes in the shot put and Molly Seabaugh in the 800. Both were fifth.


April 29 2019

SBAAC Junior High Track and Field Championship

@Batavia High School

TEAM SCORES: Wilmington Rodger O. Borror 100.5 New Richmond 98.5 Goshen 81 Williamsburg 70 Hamersville 52.5 Mt Orab 39.5 Clinton-Massie 36.5 Bethel-Tate 29.5 Clermont Northeastern 25.5 Blanchester 24 East Clinton 10 Georgetown 9.5 Felicity-Franklin 5 Batavia 3

HIGH JUMP: 1-Brianna Armbruster (NR) 4-10; 2-Brynn Bryant (ROB) 4-8; 9-Hannah Bowman (CM) 4-4; 9-Dani Brannon (ROB) 4-4; 12-Kaylee Coyle (BL) 4-2; 16-Emily Koch (BL) 4-0

DISCUS: 1-Ainsley Whitaker (BL) 90-2; 7-Timmi Mahanes (EC) 65-0; 10-Olivia Potts (BL) 52-0; 17-Lindsay Lydy (ROB) 53-0; 18-Erin Drake (ROB) 52-0; 26-Naomi Turner (CM) 26-3

LONG JUMP: 1-Jordan Davidson (Wbg) 14-1.5; 2-Kaden Kimple (CM) 14-0.5; 4-Victoria Piatt (ROB) 13-5.75; 10-Chloe Sutton (ROB) 12-10.2; 11-Emily Koch (BL) 11-9.75; 14-Macey Waldron (BL) 11-7.25; 21-Vada Nesbit (CM) 10-3.25

POLE VAULT: 1-Izzy Stidham (Wbg) 8-1.5; 3-Isabella Allen (ROB) 7-0; 7-Hannah Bowman (CM) 6-6; 8-Alex Pence (CM) 6-0; 10-Brianna Brunke (ROB) 6-0

SHOT PUT: 1-Cheyanne Thomas (Go) 33-9.75; 5-Timmi Mahanes (EC) 30-11.75; 10-Shelbie Panetta (BL) 26-8.25; 11-Alice Clair (ROB) 26-0; 15-Olivia Potts (BL) 24-9.5; 22-Lindsay Lydy (ROB) 21-6.75; 26-Naomi Turner (CM) 15-8; 27-Alivia Hull (CM) 14-1

100 HURDLES: 1-Ashley Bee (BT) 17.93; 3-Brynn Bryant (ROB) 18.44; 8-Taliah Billingsley (ROB) 19.81; 9-Mackenzie Miller (CM) 19.89; 11-Avalynne Goins (CM) 20.03; 16-Annalee Miller-Steffen (BL) 20.93

100 DASH: 1-Olivia Fischer (Ha) 13.49; 2-Aubrey Stevens (BL) 13.7; 4-Chloe Sutton (ROB) 13.92; 5-Morgan Riggers (CM) 14.05; 7-Destyne Turner (ROB) 14.38; 14-Marina Feldhaus (CM) 14.79; 18-Jozie Jones (EC) 14.27; 19-Abigail Reynolds (EC) 15.79; 27-Maddie Sturgill (BL) 18.72

4X200 RELAY: 1-Williamsburg 1:59.72; 2-Rodger O. Borror (Sydney McCord, Ryann Morrison, Victoria Piatt, Destyne Turner) 2:02.2; 6-Clinton-Massie (Morgan Riggers, Leah Binau, Kaden Kimple, Madi Bayless) 2:05.36; 12-East Clinton 2:24.28; 13-Blanchester (Layla Winemiller, Annalee Miller-Steffen, Savannah Haggerty, Chloe Barnes) 2:19.68

1600 RUN: 1-Zara Graff (NR) 5:46.42; 2-Sophie Huffman (ROB) 5:46.45; 5-Madilyn Brausch (ROB) 6:22.98; 11-Alyssa Hubbard (CM) 7:00.75; 13-Kaylyn Deaton (EC) 7:03.87; 16-Danica Bullock (CM) 8:25.61; 18-Carolyn Koch (BL) 9:33.62

4X100 RELAY: 1-Goshen 56.7; 2-Rodger O. Borror (Isabella Allen, Ryann Morrison, Victoria Piatt, Destyne Turner) 56.75; 8-Clinton-Massie (Morgan Riggers, Alex Pence, Leah Binau, Madi Bayless) 59.42

400 DASH: 1-Zara Graff (NR) 1:05.95; 2-Sophie Huffman (ROB) 1:08.72; 5-Hannah Bowman (CM) 1:09.85; 6-Sydney McCord (ROB) 1:10.2; 7-Ella Mefford (CM) 1:10.87; 15-Gracyn Phillips (BL) 1:22.84; 16-Madison Tipton (BL) 1:23.35

200 HURDLES: 1-Brianna Armbruster (NR) 32.23; 3-Aubrey Stevens (BL) 34.06; 4-Taliah Billingsley (ROB) 34.88; 7-Emma Riddle (ROB) 36.11; 8-Avalynne Goins (CM) 36.12; 10-Jozie Jones (EC) 36.28; 16-Mackenzie Miller (CM) 37.7; 20-Shelbie Panetta (BL) 41.03

800 RUN: 1-Sophie Huffman (ROB) 2:37.93; 5-Molly Seabaugh (EC) 2:48.24; 6-Addyson Smith (ROB) 2:52.76; 7-Ella Mefford (CM) 2:54.21; 11-Hailey Mulvihill (BL) 2:59.4; 13-Emma Damewood (BL) 3:06.8; 17-Kaylene Gale (CM) 3:19.14

200 DASH: 1-Olivia Fischer (Ha) 27.96; 3-Chloe Sutton (ROB) 29.37; 5-Marina Feldhaus (CM) 30.46; 7-Sydney McCord (ROB) 30.74; 10-Madi Bayless (CM) 31.33; 20-Brooklyn Hamilton (EC) 35.11; 22-Mia Torres (BL) 35.78; 25-Zoey Hupp (BL) 37.22

4X400 RELAY: 1-Hamersville 4:52.14; 4-Clinton-Massie 4:55.56; 7-Rodger O. Borror (Kalli Abbitt, Emma Simpson, Addyson Smith, Makenna Tolliver) 5:00.71; 9-Blanchester (Macey Waldron, Kaylee Coyle, Hailey Mulvihill, Ainsley Whitaker) 5:06.18