ROB boys dominate field to win SBAAC JH title

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BATAVIA – Clinton-Massie’s Marty Kreider won three events but Wilmington’s Rodger O. Borror Middle School boys track and field team put on a dominating performance in winning the league championship.

The SBAAC Junior High Track & Field Championship meet was held Monday at Batavia High School and the young Hurricane breezed by the field with 142 points. Runnerup New Richmond had 86 points.

Clinton-Massie was seventh with 44, Blanchester ninth with 22 and East Clinton did not score.

Kreider hit the line first in the 100- (11.89), 200- (24.77) and 400-meter (54.92) dashes on Monday.

But Borror win six events and had plenty of backup in the other scoring positions with its depth.

Garrett Stoffer won the 800- (2:22.49) and 1,600-meter (5:15.13) runs while Tanner Killen cleared 8-6 and won the pole vault.

Wilmington also won the 4×200 (Gage Davis, Tyler Kramer, Deshawn Nance, Owen Thackson), 4×100 (Davis, Kramer, Thackson, Nance) and 4×400 (Davis, Killen, Stoffer, Thackson) relays.

Ty Goodwin scored two fifths for Blanchester in the 200 hurdles and high jump as well as the 4×100 relay.

East Clinton’s top finisher was Teddy Murphy’s ninth in the high jump.


April 29 2019

SBAAC Junior High Track, Field Championship

@Batavia High School

TEAM SCORES: Wilmington Rodger O. Borror 142 New Richmond 86 Goshen 81 Williamsburg 60 Georgetown 52 Mt Orab 48 Clinton-Massie 44 Batavia 25 Blanchester 22 Clermont Northeastern 17 Hamersville 5 Bethel-Tate 3

HIGH JUMP: 1-Trystan Gries (Wbg) 5-0; 4-Tyler Kramer (ROB) 5-2; 5-Ty Goodwin (BL) 5-2; 9-Teddy Murphy (EC) 4-10

DISCUS: 1-Collin Klopfstein (Wbg) 116-3; 5-Josh Snell (ROB) 96-0; 6-Garrett Steinmetz (ROB) 95-7; 8-Johnny Hesler (CM) 90-5; 12-Collin Elston (BL) 83-4; 16-Isaiah McCoy (CM) 74-5; 18-Lex Frye (EC) 67-11; 23-Nathan Foster (BL) 51-7; 25-Dallas Harner (EC) 44-0

LONG JUMP: 1-Bryce Lillie (Wbg) 18-0.5; 3-Connor Stulz (CM) 16-0; 4-Adrien Cody (ROB) 15-11; 7-Isaac Elliot (CM) 14-1125; 11-Preston Ziegler (ROB) 14-1.5; 12-Dylan Short (BL) 13-6.25

POLE VAULT: 1-Tanner Killen (ROB) 8-6; 5-Devon Snyder (ROB) 7-6; 8-Johnny Hesler (CM) 7-0; 9-Leland Harris (CM) 6-0

SHOT PUT: 1-Dane Tomlin (Geo) 40-9.5; 2-Leyton Bell (ROB) 38-4; 6-Josh Snell (ROB) 34-4; 13-Isaiah McCoy (CM) 29-8.5; 18-Talon Bowman (CM) 25.5-75; 21-Lex Frye (EC) 25-3.75; 22-Collin Elston (BL) 25-3.5; 23-Dallas Harner (EC) 20-0; 25-Nathan Foster (BL) 19-4.5

110 HURDLES: 1-CJ Boothby (CNE) 18.18; 5-Levi Cochran (ROB) 19.38; 9-Jose Morales (ROB) 19.96; 10-Blaine Testa (CM) 19.97; 19-Trey Brewer (CM) 21.75

100 DASH: 1-Marty Kreider (CM) 11.89; 5-Blaize Johnson (ROB) 12.58; 8-Deshawn Nance (ROB) 12.89; 10-Dustin Trace (BL) 13.25; 14-Spencer Wiget (EC) 13.46; 21-Weston Carpenter (CM) 14.39; 22-Lucas Noe (BL) 14.41

4X200 RELAY: 1-Rodger O. Borror (Gage Davis, Tyler Kramer, Deshawn Nance, Owen Thackson) 1:45.5; 4-Blanchester (Isaiah Williams, Levi Montgomery, Dylan Short, Blake Willey) 1:54.79; 7-Clinton-Massie (Eli Stiverson, Logan Miller, Isaac Elliott, Connor Stulz) 1:58.21

1600 RUN: 1-Garrett Stoffer (ROB) 5:15.13; 3-Henry Hildebrandt (ROB) 5:21.05; 8-Jacob Ryan (CM) 5:44.13; 9-Dylan Arnold (EC) 5:47.33; 10-Keiwan Duckworth (CM) 5:49.77

4X100 RELAY: 1-Rodger O.Borror (Gage Davis, Tyler Kramer, Owen Thackson, Deshawn Nance) 50.16; 5-Blanchester (Isaiah Williams, Blake Willey, Ty Goodwin, Dustin Trace) 53.09; 9-Clinton-Massie (Eli Stiverson, Carson Meyers, Weston Carpenter, Logan Miller) 57.56

400 DASH: 1-Marty Kreider (CM) 54.92; 3-Blaize Johnson (ROB) 56.52; 6-Tanner Killen (ROB) 58.79; 12-Will Tidwell (CM) 65.13

200 HURDLES: 1-Mason Becht (MO) 29.27; 2-Adrien Cody (ROB) 29.66; 5-Ty Goodwin (BL) 30.76; 8-Levi Cochran (ROB) 31.79; 14-Blaine Testa (CM) 33.24; 18-Tye Phipps (CM) 36.08; 20-Brian Malone (EC) 40.35

800 RUN: 1-Garrett Stoffer (ROB) 2:22.49; 3-Devon Snyder (ROB) 2:25.75; 8-Richie Federle (CM) 2:34.26 13-Jacob Ryan (CM) 2:39.59; 22-Lucas Noe (BL) 3:46.96

200 DASH: 1-Marty Kreider (CM) 24.77; 2-Blaize Johnson (ROB) 25.18; 6-Adrien Cody (ROB) 26.61; 11-Dustin Trace (BL) 27.47; 21-Carson Meyers (CM) 30.37

4X400 RELAY: 1-Rodger O. Borror (Gage Davis, Tanner Killen, Garrett Stoffer, Owen Thackson) 4:03.58; 4-Blanchester (Isaiah Williams, Levi Montgomery, Dylan Short, Blake Willey) 4:24.07; 9-Clinton-Massie (Keiwan Duckworth, Will Tidwell, Jacob Ryan, Richie Federle) 4:37.62; 10-East Clinton 4:53.39

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