Rollins featured guest on Packers Live

By Mark Huber -

Quinten Rollins

Quinten Rollins

Quinten Rollins was the featured guest this week on Packers Live at, the team’s official website. Green Bay football hall of famer Larry McCarren hosts the show and gave Rollins a glowing introduction, as well as many accolades throughout the show.

As he entered the program, Rollins weaved his way through the studio audience, much like he did with a basketball in his hands against opposing defenses. He high-fived fans and took center stage.

Rollins and the Packers will visit Washington for an NFC Wild Card game Sunday afternoon (4:40 p.m. kickoff, Fox Network).

“Washington is a very explosive team offensively,” Rollins said on the show. “We’re definitely going to have our hands full but we’ll come prepared.”

Playing in 14 games with four starts at cornerback, Rollins had 34 tackles, including 25 solos. The 2010 Wilmington High School graduate has two interceptions, one of which he returned for a touchdown against the St. Louis Rams in Week 5. He also has one sack, which came against Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

“I never even had a sack in college,” said Rollins, who showed some emotion with an air-punch following the takedown of Cutler in Week 11.

During the Packers Live show, Rollins participated in several standard segments, including In The Huddle, Earn Your Autograph and Questions For Quinten.

The In The Huddle segment had Rollins breaking down on a telestrator in studio his two interceptions against St. Louis.

The Earn Your Autograph portion of the show had Rollins give a fan a few pointers on how to play cornerback. The fan then went against McCarren in studio. If Rollins gives the fan a passing grade, the fans gets Rollins’ autograph. Of course, Rollins offered a passing grade for the fan and signed his football.

One of the Questions For Quinten was from a math teacher who asked Rolllins to give advice to her students who played football.

“Tell them to take school very seriously, if they want to pursue the next level,” said Rollins, who earned his degree from Miami of Ohio. “Without an education or being good on your academics, it’s going to be hard.”

Rollins was quick to point out that he is “very proud” of his college degree.

McCarren and Rollins also talked about the following:

• Struggling Green Bay offense: “I don’t really have a take on that,” said Rollins. “I’m focused on my job. I have a lot of things on my plate with special teams and defense, so I have to worry about that. I don’t have time to dib and dab in to what the offense has going, but I have confidence in those guys. They’ll be ready to go.”

• Teams not picking on him despite his first-year status: McCarren said, “At this point in your rookie season, teams throw away from you, teams do not go after you. That speaks volumes because they go where they can make a living.” McCarren asked Rollins to explain.

“I ask myself the same thing sometimes. It’s just a testament to my preparation. I really take my job seriously, don’t take it for granted at all … being in the right position at the right time and taking advantage of the opportunity.”

• How basketball has helped Rollins on the football field: “Balance, my feet. In basketball you have to use your feet, not your hands or you’ll get called for a foul. It’s the same in football. Growing up I prided myself on being tough, getting on the floor, taking charges, getting in there and tussling with the big guys”

• Rollins favorite sport: “Honestly I don’t really have a favorite. I just love to compete. I grew up playing football, basketball and baseball. I just love to get out there and have fun with my teammates, play the game the right way.”

• The Lambeau Leap following his pick-6: “I got hassled a lot for that. People said I didn’t get up high enough. A lot was going on at the time so I really didn’t have the energy or the juice to get up there.”

Quinten Rollins Rollins

By Mark Huber

Reach Mark Huber at 937-556-5765, or on Twitter @wnjsports.

Reach Mark Huber at 937-556-5765, or on Twitter @wnjsports.