Close races highlight Tuesday racing program

Several races down the wire Tuesday at the fair

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WILMINGTON – A three-horse photo finish was the top performance Tuesday in the harness racing at the Clinton County Fair.

In the Spring Haven Farms Ladies Driving Series, first division in the second race, Sports Band with Mandy Jones in the sulky nosed out Art’s Delight and Light Up The Sky for the win. All three horses paced the mile in 2:00.0. Hillbilly Charmer was fourth but finished in 2:00.1.

Sports Band was fifth as the horses hit the stretch but rallied to win with a 29.4 final quarter mile as Jones drove the race winner.

Another tight finish came in the fourth race as Jeff Smith drove Eternal Faith to a photo finish win over Bryan Weaver behind Susie D.

In the eight race, Hometown Honey, driven by Jeff Smith, trotted its way to an eight-second victory, the largest margin of victory on a program of close finishes.

The final race of the fair was another photo finish as Roy Wilson drove Vinecancruise to the win by a nose over Dawna Marie with Ryan Holton on the reins.


July 9, 2019

@Clinton County Fairgrounds

RACE 1: 3 year old filly pace

1-Oh Miss Rylee (Scott Cisco) 1:59.1; 2-I Got The Diamonds (Roy Burns) 1:59.2; 3-Woodyoucolorwithme (Hugh Beatty) 1:59.2

RACE 2: Lady Series Pace

1-Sports Band (Mandy Jones) 2:00.0; 2-Art’s Delight (Kiara Morgan) 2:00.0; 3-Light Up The Sky (Elizabeth Murphy) 2:00.0

RACE 3: 3 year old filly pace

1-Best Place To Rock (Derek Watiker) 2:01.0; 2-Cruisin Camnation (David Young II) 2:01.4; 3-How About Murph (Mark Winters Jr.) 2:01.4

RACE 4: 2 year old filly trot

1-Eternal Faith (Jeff Smith) 2:05.2; 2-Susie D (Bryan Weaver) 2:05.2; 3-Robin Banks (Ryan Holton) 2:07.1.

RACE 5: Spring Haven Farms Ladies Driving Series pace

1-Bluesky Charley (Kacey Burns) 1:59.0; 2-Why Don’t U Stay (Jazmin Arnold) 1:59.3; 3-Moreland Flash (Amy Wengerd) 2:00.0

RACE 6: 3 year old filly trot

1-Swing Twister (David Myers) 2:02.1; 2-Touch of Bling (Kacey Burns) 2:02.2; 3-Out of Time (Tami Hartman) DISTANCE

RACE 7: 2 year old filly pace

1-Mcdelicacy (John Collins) 2:02.1; 2-Amazing Sparkle (Luke Hanners) 2:02.4; 3-Helen K (Roy Burns) 2:02.4

RACE 8: 2 year old filly trot

1-Hometown Honey (Jeff Smith) 2:12; 2-Reetsie B (Mark Winters Jr) 2:20; 3-Rainy Day Fun (David Myers) DISTANCE

RACE 9: 2 year old filly pace

1-Crosswind Layla (Scott Cisco) 2:03.0; 2-Mel Will See (Jeff Smith) 2:03.1; 3-Selectiveignorance (Ryan Holton) 2:03.1

RACE 10: 3 year old filly pace

1-Vinecancruise (Roy Wilson) 1:59.2; 2-Dawna Marie (Ryan Holton) 1:59.2; Bad Leading Lady (Scott Cisco) 2:00.2
Several races down the wire Tuesday at the fair

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