7-under wins Elks Senior Golf League outing

The team of Mark Hess, Don Sircurella, Jerry Hatton and Garry Schultz had a 7-under par 29 Tuesday and won the Senior Golf League outing at the Elks 797 Golf Course.

The winners birdied seven holes in a row — 2 through 8.

The rest of the field:

• 30: Gary Newbry, Doggie Anderson, Keith Hill, Kenny Hill.

• 31: Ed Farley, Bruce Barrett, Dave Miller, Gary Bishop.

• 31: Dick Mitchener, Clarence Cross, Jim Jones, Bill Ross.

• 32: Jim Doak, Jim Luck, Denny Kruszka, Steve Olinger.

• 33: Al Hardy, Roger Miller, French Hatfield.

• 35: Carl Wright, Herb Johnson, Rusty Smethwick, Bernie Rosenow.