Lazic first for Massie in Coach’s Classic Flight G

Kari Cragwall and Liza Duncan

Kari Cragwall and Liza Duncan

Nina Lazic

AMBERLY VILLAGE — With a first and a second, the Clinton-Massie tennis team finished fourth Saturday in the Greater Cincinnati Tennis Coaches Association Coach’s Classic Flight G bracket at Mount Notre Dame High School.

“Our kids competed well against some stronger Division I programs,” CM coach Lynn Deatherage said. “It was good preparation for the SBAAC tournament.”

Nina Lazic won the first singles bracket to improve to 15-3 on the year. She has 50 career wins.

“Nina played great tennis and adjusted her game well to the power and styles she faced,” Deatherage said.

Kari Cragwall and Liza Duncan suffered their first loss of the season but finished second overall at first doubles. They are 13-1 on the year.


Saturday, Sept 21, 2019

Coaches Classic Flight G

@Mount Notre Dame HS

Team Scores: Kings, Mount Notre Dame, Seton, Clinton-Massie


1: Nina Lazic defeated Breauna Gause 8-2, (Seton), defeated Peyton Fay 9-7 (MND), defeated Breauna Gause 8-1 (Kings) finished 1st. Now 15-3.

2: Raelee Schulz was defeated by Caitlin Mackey 4-8 (MND), was def by Chloe Belletti 2-8 (Seton), was defeated by Isa Melton 0-8 (Kings) . Finished 4th. now 8-8.

3: Elizabeth Mason was defeated by Kayla Stein 2-8 (MND), was defeated by Lauren Astacio 4-8 (Kings), defeated Ally Gilkey 8-3 (Seton) finished 4th. Now 8-6.


1: Kari Cragwall / Liza Duncan were defeated by Ridenour / Hardman 3-8 (Kings), defeated Powers/Harris 8-3 (MND), defeated Kock/Miller 8-6 (Seton). finished 2nd. Now 13-1

2: Paige Wood / Kenzie Stinchcomb were defeated by Kendall / Durant 0-8 (MND), were def by Graff/Menner 4-8 (Seton), were def by Hoin/Jiang 1-8 (Kings) finished 4th. Now 8-7.

Kari Cragwall and Liza Duncan Cragwall and Liza Duncan

Nina Lazic Lazic