Henson shatters EC record, back to regional meet

WEST CHESTER — It was another record setting performance for East Clinton’s Aidan Henson Saturday at the Division II West Chester A District cross country meet.

Henson shattered his own record of 16:45.15 by clocking a 16:25.03 Saturday and finishing as the race runnerup. Diego Arredondo of Madeira won the race in 16:20.99.

Henson won several races during the season, including the SBAAC Cross Country Championship.

A senior at ECHS, Henson was 39th in last year’s regional meet with a time of 17:23.56.


Oct 19, 2019

Division II West Chester A District

@Voice of America Park

Boys Results

Team (top 5)

Madeira 28 Indian Hill 52 Wyoming 92 Bethel-Tate 98 Clermont NE 152. Also, East Clinton (7) 188.


1, Diego Arredondo, Madeira, 16:20.99

2, Aidan Henson, EC, 16:25.03

39, Justin Arnold, EC, 20:24.67

50, Richard Wood, EC, 21:00.12

58, Van Frye, EC, 22:29.67

61, Jacob Howard, EC, 23:49.87

62, Michael Horn, EC, 23:50.44