WHS boys fall short again to Chillicothe

By Shawn Robinson - WNJ Sports Writer

WILMINGTON – For the second straight year Chillicothe fended off Wilmington’s challenge to win the South Central Ohio League boys swimming crown.

“Our boys swam the absolute best they could possibly swim,” Wilmington head swimming coach Mitch Hopf said. “Sam Osborn and Xavier Disney had their best ever meets, earning personal bests in every event they swam. Ricky Dungan and Austin Carey made a huge impact winning both of their individual events and setting three meet records.”

Dungan’s records came in the 200-meter individual medley and 400 free while Carey’s came in the 200 free. Dungan and Carey, along with Osborn and Harrison Law, set a new mark in the 200 medley and 400 free relays.

Chillicothe had two record-setting performances. Zach Ayers set a new standard in the 100 fly. He also anchored the record-setting 200 free relay team that also consisted of Daniel Dombrowski, Ricky Villarreal and Johnathon Limle.

Other individual champions include Hillsboro’s Braden Wldey in the 50 free, McClain’s Tommy Henry in the 100 free and Dombrowski in the 100 back.

Drew Puckett was Clinton-Massie’s top individual finisher with a second in the 400 free and a third in the 200 free. Brody Morris paced Washington Court House with a second in the 100 breaststroke and a third in the 200 IM. Jacob Haldeman was Miami Trace’s top individual finisher with a third in the 50 free.

TEAM RESULTS: Chillicothe (C) 324, Wilmington (W) 284, McClain (GM) 224, Hillsboro (H) 142, Clinton-Massie (CM) 101, Washington Court House (WCH) 85, Miami Trace (MT) 82.

Top 12 places score (16, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1). Point values double for relays.

200M MEDLEY RELAY: Wilmington A 2:02.29, Chillicothe A 2:04.80, Washington Court House A 2:21.76, Wilmington B 2:25.82, Miami Trace A 2:26.84, McClain A 2:30.58, Chillicothe B 2:34.14, Clinton-Massie A 2:42.81, McClain B 2:46.99.

200M FREESTYLE: Austin Carey (W) 2:10.97, Zach Ayres (C), 2:15.45, Drew Puckett (CM) 2:16.25, Tommy Henry (GM) 2:16.25, Micah Pinney (H) 2:43.69, Micheal Rose (H) 2:44.87, Xavier Disney (W) 2:46.50, Dawson Walsh (C) 2:47.41, Ryan Wilkin (GM), 2:52.38, Maxwell Griesheimer (C) 2:54.27, Magnus Hansen (MT) 3:15.16, Devin Huffman (MT) 3:20.06.

200M INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY: Ricky Dungan (W) 2:27.00, Ricky Villarreal (C) 2:33.45, Brody Morris (WCH) 2:35.45, Avery Voss (GM) 2:50.78, Alex Little (MT) 3:05.72, Pierce Wissler (C) 3:10.76, Cole Isaacs (CM) 3:11.88, Andrew Bush (W) 3:14.87, Andrew Moyer (W) 3:15.07, Landen Arledge (C) 3:30.24, Brandon Adams (GM) 3:33.76, Spencer Minyo (WCH) 3:38.09.

50M FREESTYLE: Braden Wldey (H) 25.81, Sam Osborn (W) 26.28, Jacob Haldeman (MT) 27.12, Daniel Dombrowski (C) 28.01, Tanner Cutright (C) 29.22, Jonah Humphries (H) 29.37, Johnny Free (GM) 29.87, Elijah Schroeder (W) 29.98, Ty Alexander (H) 30.05, Liam Downing (WCH) 31.02, Storm Fualconer (GM) 31.10, Noah Brausch (CM) 31.45.

100M BUTTERFLY: Zach Ayres (C) 1:04.90, Harrison Law (W) 1:08.40, Liam Downing (WCH) 1:23.74, Daniel Freese (W) 1:34.11, Dawson Walsh (C) 1:35.13, Gunner Broglin (CM) 1:38.53, Brandon Adams (GM) 1:46.79, William Albert (H) 2:00.64, Joey White (C) 2:12.53.

100M FREESTYLE: Tommy Henry (GM) 1:00.06, Sam Osborn (W) 1:00.11, Braden Wldey (H) 1:01.33, Johnathon Limle (C) 1:06.26, Tanner Cutright (C) 1:09.46, Micah Pinney (H) 1:10.36, Sevrin Florek (H) 1:10.44, Noah Brausch (CM) 1:12.71, Jakob Snyder (WCH) 1:14.47, Maxwell Griesheimer (C) 1:15.58, Fisher Black (GM) 1:19.05, Caeleb Carter (CM) 1:20.12.

400M FREESTYLE: Ricky Dungan (W) 4:28.82, Drew Puckett (CM) 4:51.91, Ethan Johnson (GM) 5:22.11, Julian Villarreal (C) 5:46.13, Pierce Wissler (C) 5:52.53, Alex Little (MT) 5:54.60, Noah Blum (C) 6:02.63, Xavier Disney (W) 6:04.61, Timmy Eleyet (GM) 6:10.81, Braxton Hahn (H) 6:12.81, Micheal Rose (H) 6:38.05, Jacob Disney (W) 7:25.65.

200M FREESTYLE RELAY: Chillicothe A 1:52.57, McClain A 1:54.34, Hillsboro A 1:57.65, Clinton-Massie A 2:06.02, Wilmington A 2:08.52, Chillicothe B 2:11.26, McClain B 2:13.09.

100M BACKSTROKE: Daniel Dombrowski (C) 1:08.95, Harrison Law (W) 1:14.44, Noah Blum (C) 1:22.01, Ethan Johnson (GM) 1:24.97, Daniel Freese (W) 1:28.69, Cameron Burns (WCH) 1:29.17, Timmy Eleyet (GM) 1:29.60, Cole Isaacs (CM) 1:30.72, Gunnar Broglin (CM) 1:31.61, Ty Alexander (H) 1:33.16, Jakob Snyder (WCH) 1:34.76, Jonah Humphries (H) 1:37.96.

100M BREASTSTROKE: Austin Carey (W) 1:16.77, Brody Morris (WCH) 1:17.03, Ricky Villarreal (C) 1:19.65, Jonathon Limle (C) 1:22.89, Jacob Haldeman (MT) 1:24.28, Avery Voss (GM) 1:27.15, Ryan Page (GM) 1:29.94, Spencer Minyo (WCH) 1:31.38, Julian Villarreal (C) 1:39.60, Braxton Hahn (H) 1:40.74, Isaiah Turner (CM) 1:41.73, Sevrin Florek (H) 1:42.48.

400M FREESTYLE RELAY: Wilmington A 4:01.54, McClain A 4:26.68, Hillsboro A 4:38.09, Chillicothe A 4:45.57, McClain B 4:55.36, Miami Trace A 4:56.74, Wilmington B 4:59.25, Clinton-Massie A 5:02.73, Chillicothe B 5:05.38.


By Shawn Robinson

WNJ Sports Writer

Shawn covers high school sports for the News Journal. Follow him on Twitter @twinzdad01.

Shawn covers high school sports for the News Journal. Follow him on Twitter @twinzdad01.