SBAAC Wrestling: Blan 1, CM 2, WHS 5, EC 11

By Mark Huber - [email protected]

GOSHEN — Johnny Schirmer’s win in the 138-pound consolation final started a four-match win streak for Blanchester and paved the way for the Wildcats to win the SBAAC Wrestling Championship tournament Saturday at Goshen High School.

Leading Clinton-Massie by just a half-point going in to the championship and consolation final round, Blanchester lost its first two matches to open the door for Massie.

However, the Falcons lost their first four in the final round and never challenged the Wildcats after that.

“We needed some guys to pick it up … guys that were not seeded to pick it up and they did,” said Ryan Shafer, the first-year BHS coach who earned National Division Coach of the Year honors. “We had a great week of practice. The coaches believed we could win it and I think that rubbed off on our kids as well. They were focused. They wrestled their hearts out.”

In the end, Blanchester was the overall and National Division tournament champion while Clinton-Massie earned the American Division crown.

“We had our chances, that’s for sure,” CM coach Spencer Running said of winning the overall title, which is what most teams strive for on this day. “There are so many good teams (in this tournament). There were five teams that could have won it. It all came down to who showed up (in the finals).”

Running was named the American Division Coach of the Year.

Gary Powell of Western Brown and Brandon Sauter of Batavia were American Division Wrestlers of the Year.

David Pride of Clermont Northeastern and Jayce Glenn of Bethel-Tate were National Division Wrestlers of the Year.

Wilmington was fifth in the tournament, fourth in the American Division. East Clinton was 11th overall and fifth in the National Division.

Blanchester champions were Gage Huston at 160, Colt Conover at 170. BHS second-place finishers were Carson Curless at 126, Kadin Berwanger at 182 and James Peters at 220.

Clinton-Massie champions were Robby Frederick at 152 and Colton Doyle at 195. Runnersup for the Falcons were Grant Moorman at 113, Blake Seaman at 132 and Lane Schulz at 285.

Wilmington had one champion, Sam Eastes at 145 pounds. The duo of Dom Davidson (138) and Dalton Garrison (152) were both second for the Hurricane.

Jon Cline at 170 was second for East Clinton.


Feb 22, 2020

SBAAC Wrestling Championships

@Goshen High School

Team scores

Blanchester 165 Clinton-Massie 159.5 Western Brown 145 Batavia 114.5 Wilmington 107.5 Goshen 96.5 Bethel-Tate 95 Clermont Northeastern 92.5 New Richmond 28 Williamsburg 28 East Clinton 26.5

Weight Class


• Cooper Rack (EC) was pinned by Hunt (WB) 0:35; dec Jacobs (NR) 16-0; pinned Wainscott (G) 3:57; was pinned by Johnson (CNE) 1:28. Did not place.

• Hunter Smith (B) pinned Wainscott (EC) 3:40 was pinned by Hunt (WB) 0:49; was pinned by Moorman (CM) 4:02. Did not place.

• Cole Moorman (CM) was dec by Johnson (CNE) 16-0; dec Snyder (W) 15-0; pinned Smith (B) 4:02; was pinned by Johnson (CNE) 1:15. Finished fourth.

• Jaden Snyder (W) was pinned by Bein (Ba) 1:39; was dec by Moorman (CM) 15-0. Did not place


• Thane McCoy (W) dec Rowland (Wbg) 7-2; was pinned by Sauter (Ba) 0:50; dec Hamm (B) 9-6; was pinned by Rowland (Wbg) 4:41. Finished fourth.

• Grant Moorman (CM) pinned Webb (BT) 1:05; dec Reyes (G) 18-3; was pinned by Sauter (Ba) 4:40. Finished second.

• Jacob Hamm (B) was dec by Reyes (G) 12-6; dec Webb (BT) 8-3; was dec by McCoy (W) 9-6. Did not place


• Ethan Johnson (CM) was pinned by Huff (G) 3:34; pinned McIntire (CNE) 1:08; dec Hibbs (W) 5-4; was pinned by Battista (Wbrg) 1:36. Finished fourth.

• Carson Hibbs (W) dec Battista (Wbrg) 8-7; was dec by Sauter (Ba) 6-5; was dec by Johnson (CM) 5-4. Did not place.


• Devin Snyder (W) pinned Powell (CM) 2:38; was pinned by Kulbe (Ba) 4:20; pinned Perry (CNE) 0:45; was dec by Harrison (BT) 11-4. Finished fourth.

• Miley Powell (CM) was pinned by Snyder (W) 2:38; was pinned by Asbury (NR) 2:52. Did not place.

• Carson Curless (B) dec Harrison (BT) 16-5; was pinned by Kulbe (Ba) 3:45. Finished second.


• Gage Berwanger (B) pinned Lynch (W) 2:44; was dec by Daugherty (WB) 12-2; pinned Grigsby (BT) 0:40; dec Conley (CNE) 9-0; was dec by Daugherty (WB) 11-1. Finished fourth.

• Lee Lynch (W) was pinned by Berwanger (B) 2:44; pinned Abrams (Wbrg) 1:42; was dec by Bruner (Ba) 12-2. Did not place.

• Blake Seaman (CM) pinned Lee (NR) 0:35; pinned Daugherty (Wbrg) 1:40; was pinned by Dunn (G) 3:31. Finished second.


• Johnny Schirmer (B) pinned Westendorf (G) 0:52; was dec by Davidson (W) 15-9; pinned Conley (CNE) 0:50; dec Thompson (Ba) 12-1. Finished fourth.

• Brodie Green (CM) was pinned by Riley (BT) 3:36; was pinned by Westendorf (G) 2:38. Did not place.

• Dominic Davidson (W) pinned Riley (BT) 2:59; dec Schirmer (B) 15-9; was dec by Marlow (WB) 5-2. Finished second.


• Sam Eastes (W) dec Frump (B) 17-1; dec Groeber (CNE) 12-4; dec Wright (WB) 18-3. Finished first.

• Andrew Frump (B) was dec by Eastes (W) 17-1; was dec by Cline (EC) 11-10. Did not place.

• Joshua Cline (EC) was dec by Woodward (G) 14-2; dec Martin (CM) 3-0; dec Frump (B) 11-10; was dec by Woodward (G) 5-2. Did not place.

• Matt Martin (CM) was pinned by Groeber (CNE) 3:12; dec Naegele (NR) 7-2 SV; pinned Whittington (BT) 1:32; was pinned by Groeber (CNE) 2:32. Did not place.


• Robby Frederick (CM) dec Williams (BT) 13-2; pinned Rostetter (NR) 1:10; pinned Hill (G) 4:41; dec Garrison (W) 3-1. Finished first

• Zachary Vest (EC) was pinned by Moore (Ba) 0:52; was pinned by Robinson (WB) 1:29. Did not place.

• Zane Panetta (B) dec Robinson (WB) 6-4; was dec by Garrison (W) 14-6; pinned Rostetter (NR) 2:37; pinned Hill (G) 2:42. Finished third.

• Dalton Garrison (W) dec Paine (Wbrg) 19-4; dec Panetta (B) 14-6; was dec by Frederick (CM) 3-1. Finished second.


• Gage Huston (B) pinned Moeller (Ba) 0:46; pinned Naegele (NR) 1:42; pinned Darnell (BT) 1:06. Finished first.

• Blane Seaman (CM) dec Holland (W) 9-4; was dec by Darnell (BT) 9-7; pinned Corey (CNE) 4:53; lost by Inj Default to Holland (W). Finished fourth.

• Kile Holland (W) was dec by Seaman (CM) 9-4; pinned Sancartier (G) 0:48; pinned Naegele (NR) 2:29; won by Inj Default over Seaman (CM). Finished third.


• Colt Conover (B) pinned Watson (Ba) 0:44; pinned Molloy (BT) 1:59; dec Cline (EC) 15-4. Finished first.

• Chase Cresswell (W) was dec by Mattes (CNE) 8-1; dec Tracy (NR) 12-2; was dec by Molloy (BT) 6-5. Did not place.

• Jonathan Cline (EC) pinned Tracy (NR) 1:07; dec Mattes (CNE) 5-1; was dec by Conover (B) 15-4. Finished second.


• Nathan Vest (EC) was pinned by Black (BT) 1:09; was pinned by Foster (NR) 0:34. Did not place.

• Logan Cook (W) was dec by Black (BT) 10-7; pinned Alloway (G) 3:34; was pinned by Green (CM) 2:49. Did not place.

• Braxton Green (CM) was pinned by Berwanger (B) 3:41; pinned Cook (W) 2:49; pinned Black (BT) 4:48; was dec by Whisner (WB) 12-8. Finished fourth.

• Kadin Berwanger (B) pinned Green (CM) 3:41; pinned Whisner (NR) 3:36; was dec by Pride (CNE) 5-2. Finished second.


• Colton Doyle (CM) pinned Kidd (B) 1:51; pinned Hatter (Wbrg) 1:09. Finished first.

• Cody Kidd (B) was pinned by Doyle (CM) 1:51; pinned Butler (CNE) 0:44; was pinned by Reed (BT) 4:58. Finished fourth.


• James Peters (B) won by default over Shelton (Ba); pinned Shepherd (NR) 2:12; was pinned by Powell (WB) 2:48. Finished second.

• Joe Baughman (CM) dec Vanderhorst (G) 16-0; was dec by Powell (WB) 7-5; pinned Rutledge (BT) 2:47; pinned Shepherd (NR) 4:43. Finished third.

• Jayson Edison (EC) was pinned by Doyle (W) 0:34; won by forfeit over Shelton (Ba); was pinned by Rutledge (NT) 0:29. Did not place.

• Jayden Doyle (W) pinned 0:34; was pinned by Powell (WB) 2:51; was pinned by Vanderhorst (G) 1:13. Did not place.


• Lane Schulz (CM) pinned Brewer (WB) 0:47; pinned Anstaett (CNE) 3:16; was pinned by Glenn (BT) 3:55. Finished second.

By Mark Huber

[email protected]

Reach Mark Huber at 937-556-5765, via email [email protected] or on Twitter @wnjsports

Reach Mark Huber at 937-556-5765, via email [email protected] or on Twitter @wnjsports