Brown thankful for trio of seniors


By Mark Huber -

COLUMBUS — Wilmington had three seniors on the bowling team — Grant Pickard, Elijah Martini and Jordan Macik.

“They kind of inspired me again as a bowler,” WHS head coach Dustin Brown said. “Seeing their love for the game and all the time they put in to it, they kind of rejuvenated my love for the sport.”

Despite being the upperclassmen, none of the three are lifetime bowlers. All three started bowling after they got in to high school.

“I didn’t get to see their transition from being a beginning bowler to where they’re at today, third-year bowlers with the honor roll they have is unbelievable.”


Wilmington had four underclassmen on the team at state — Isaac Martini, Jordan Tackett, Hunter Gallion and Hunter Wright.

“If we are fortunate to have the opportunity to be here again, it’s going to show them this is possible,” Brown said. “They’ll have a feel for how this goes, the intensity that it brings. It’s a huge learning experience.”


Like all other OHSAA state championship events, there was plenty of hootin’ and hollerin’ at the Division I boys championship Friday at Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl.

That Wilmington wasn’t one of the teams that was being boisterous wasn’t so much about their scores, but rather their demeanor in general.

“We talked about being loud, bringing that intensity,” Brown said. “They get in to it, but they aren’t loud. With the crowd, it’s intimidating if you’re not the (team) doing it. We need that. It’s crucial.”


Fans at this level are quite aware of the many tricks of the trade needed to view the bowling championships successful.

There are two primary tools necessary.

One is a small step ladder. At Wayne Webb’s place, they have bleachers set up behind the bowling areas. If you don’t arrive in time, and aren’t 7-foot tall, you probably won’t be able to see much.

Unless you have a ladder. People sit and stand on the step ladders to see over the folks in the bleachers.

If you don’t feel like lugging around a ladder, a small periscope can be useful.


Baker games are not something most old-school bowlers grew up with.

They are, however, a good indicator of whether a squad is good or not.

In a baker game, each bowlers gets a frame. So the first bowler would bowl in the first and sixth frames. The anchor bowler — generally the best on the team — gets the fifth and 10th frames.

By Mark Huber

Reach Mark Huber at 937-556-5765, via email or on Twitter @wnjsports

Reach Mark Huber at 937-556-5765, via email or on Twitter @wnjsports