Bellbrook wins Hurricane title, WHS 4th

WILMINGTON — Led by freshman Maya Brink, Bellbrook won the Hurricane Invitational girls tennis tournament Saturday on the WHS courts.

Bellbrook edged Northwest for the team title while Wilmington finished fourth overall.

Brink defeated Wilmington sensation Claire Burns 7-5, 3-6, 10-3 in the championship match at first singles.

Emilee Pham was runnerup at third singles, falling to Macy Yeager of Northwest 2-6, 0-6 in the final match.


Aug. 29, 2020

Hurricane Invitational

@Wilmington HS

TEAMS: Bellbrook 37 Northwest 34 Kings 32 Wilmington 28 Miami Trace 17 Hamilton 16 Washington 13 Little Miami 8

• First Singles

Claire Burns def Sarah Kennedy (LM) 8-0; def Emma Gilbert (H) 8-0; was def by Maya Brink (B) 5-7, 6-3, 3-10. Finished second. Champion: Maya Brink of Bellbrook.

• Second Singles

Jenna Taylor def Sofia Siscoe (WCH) 8-1; was def by Maddie Chappars (B) 8-1; def Breauna Gause (K) 9-8(9). Finished third. Champion: Maddie Chappars of Bellbrook.

• Third Singles

Emilee Pham def Riley Cruea (MT) 8-2; def Abby Howard (B) 8-4; was def by Macy Yeager (NW) 2-6, 0-6. Finished second. Champion: Macy Yeager of Northwest.

• First Doubles

Gracie Conger, Ella Zeigler were def by Salter, Wilson (H) 8-5; def Goddard, Pinson (LM) 8-1; def Worth, Newsome (WCH) 8-4. Finished fifth. Champion: Mia Ridenour, Olivia Hoin of Kings.

• Second Doubles

Emma Lewis, Chandni Sharma were def by Page, Riggs (MT) 8-6; def Wilson, Rose (WCH) 8-2;def Buddo, Salter (H) 8-5. Finished fifth. Champion: Hannah Hardman, McKenna Moore of Kings.