EC reserves take 2 from Massie

ADAMS TOWNSHIP — The East Clinton reserve volleyball team defeated Clinton-massie in straight sets Tuesday night.

“The girls came excited and ready to play,” coach Bob Malone said. “With so much talent and 13 girls, it’s hard to get everyone play time but we did.”

Trinity Bain had five good serves, an ace and four digs. Eryn Bowman had six aces, two good serves, three kills, an assist and four digs. Jordan Collom had an ace, four good serves and three digs. Jozie Jones had two aces, a good serve, a kill and a block.

Lauren Runyon had three good serves, a kill and two digs. Aubrie Simpson had a good serve and two digs. Lauren Stonewall had a good serve, two kills, two assists and two digs. Savannah Tolle played well defensively and had an ace, a good serve and eight digs. Megan Tong had three good serves, three kills, two assists and three digs. Regan Walker had a good serve. Jenna Stanley played in the front row and helped bring home the win, Malone said.