McSurley, Vanhoose top county SBAAC football honors

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Clinton-Massie had two of the top four honors in voting of SBAAC football coaches.

CM head coach Dan McSurley was named American Division coach of the year while running back Carson Vanhoose was the American Division player of the year.

On the National Division side, Jeff Essig of Bethel-Tate was coach of the year while Gauge Dunn of the Tigers was the player of the year.

American Division first team honors went to Clinton-Massie’s Cayden Clutter, Colton Doyle, Carter Frank, Brody Muterspaw, Colton Trampler and Kody Zantene; Wilmington’s Carter Huffman, Elijah Rockhold and Jeff Valentine; Goshen’s Trevor Adams, Eric Eickenhorst and Jack Webster; Batavia’s Max Applegate and Luke Scaggs; New Richmond’s Isaiah Bowman, Luke Lytle, Kadin Pollard, Bo Snider and Chad Tracy; Western Brown’s Logan Campbell, Cade Chisman, Drew Novak, Dylan Novak and Gary Powell.

In the National Division, first team honors were accorded Blanchester’s Chasen Allison, Colt Conover, Gage Huston, Blake Richard and Brayden Sipple; East Clinton’s Phillip Davis, Branson Smith and Jared Smith; Clermont Northeastern’s Landen Amann and Hayden Mattes; Bethel-Tate’s Wyatt Burton, Ethan Carter, Norman Darnell Jr., Luke Frondorf, Ethan Molloy, Mikey Molloy; Fayetteville-Perry’s Drew Hendrix, Tyler Tipis and Levi Wiederhold; and Williamsburg’s Trent Kellerman and Braden Kelley.

American Division second-team honors went to Wilmington’s Kendal France, Josh Snell and Bradey Sturgill; Clinton-Massie’s Joe Baughman, Charley Hale, Blake Ireland, Trevor McGuinness; Goshen’s Joe Alvarado, Tre Mowry and Tracker Newberry; New Richmond’s Damean Daugherty, Jack Moore, Gabe Shepherd and Tyler Sininger; Western Brown’s Taylor Hayes, Andrew LaJoye, Wil Sizer and Cam Weil; Batavia’s Mick Heckard and Canaan Sheets.

National Division second team honors went to Blanchester’s Trenton Czaika, Adam Frump, Ty Goodwin, Brody Rice; East Clinton’s Chris Norman, Landon Runyon, Brandon Zimmerman; Williamsburg’s Trent Bocks and Mason Thomas; Bethel-Tate’s Cole Grigsby, Owen Mattes, Eli Ryan, Patrick Salvatore and Kyle Smith; Fayetteville-Perry’s Hunter Jester; Clermont Northeastern’s Damion Kistler and JJ Stricker.

Honorable mention in the American Division was given to Wilmington’s Isaiah Rigling and Remington Smith; Clinton-Massie’s Dawson Conley and Daelin Maple; Western Brown’s Quentin Collins and Javonte Entzminger-Chisenhall; Batavia’s Kellen Epps and Will Moorehead; Goshen’s Ashton Harris and Logan Lovins; and New Richmond’s Drew Royalty and Austin Suttle.

Honorable mention in the National Division was given to East Clinton’s Glenn Peacock and Jeff Zimmerman; Blanchester’s Nate Coyle and Cody Kidd; Fayetteville’s Blake Coffman and Gabe Naseer; Williamsburg’s Trystan Gries and Andrew Hatter; CNE’s Angus Krug and Logan Pottorf; Bethel-Tate’s Blake Stiles and Hank Williams.

News Journal