Trio wins 4 each as WHS tops EC, HHS

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HILLSBORO — Josh Andrews, Ben Baylor and Jordan Davis all took part in 4 wins Tuesday as the Wilmington High School boys swim team defeated Hillsboro and East Clinton at the Highland County YMCA.

Wilmington had 146 points with Hillsboro second at 65 and East Clinton third at 14.

For East Clinton, Shane Lynch was third in the 200 IM and Teddy Murphy finished third in the 100 breaststroke.

The trio won the 200 free (Baylor), the 200 IM (Davis), the 100 fly (Davis), the 100 free (Andrews) and the 100 breast (Andrews).

Davis, Andrews and Baylor were joined by Landen Carpenter on the winning 200-yard medley relay team.

Baylor and Andrews swam with Parker Henry and Andrew Delph to win the 200 free relay.

Henry, Carpenter, Baylor and Davis topped the field in the 400 free relay.


Dec 15, 2020

@Highland County YMCA

Boys Results


Wilmington 146 Hillsboro 65 East Clinton 14

Individual Events

200 MEDLEY RELAY: Wilmington A (Davis, Andrews, Carpenter, Baylor) 1:58.9; Wilmington B (Powell, Frary, Delph, Winner) 2:37.81

200 FREE: Ben Baylor (W) 2:25.04; Barrett Powell (W) 2:43.94; Evan Fender (H) 2:47.43; Peyton Robinson (H) 3:26.71;

200 IM: Jordan Davis (W) 2:15.46; Landen Carpenter (W) 2:41.37; Shane Lynch (EC) 3:35.56

50 FREE: Parker Henry (W) 26.52; Charlie Schneider (H) 26.97; Dylan Schurman (H) 28.32; Johnathan Winner (W) 41.23; Teddy Murphy (EC) 43.08

100 FLY: Jordan Davis (W) 60.65

100 FREE: Josh Andrews (W) 56.4; Parker Henry (W) 62.72; Lance Hetzel (H) 66.4; Shane Lynch (EC) 77.4; Zach File (H) 79.94

500 FREE: Landen Carpenter (W) 6:36.4; Ian Frary (W) 7:08.51; Evan Fender (H) 8:21.13; Peyton Robinson (H) 10:08.46

200 FREE RELAY: Wilmington (Henry, Delph, Baylor, Andrews) 1:46.06; Hillsboro (Schneider, Fite, Hetzel, Schurman) 1:53.01

100 BACK: Charlie Schneider (H) 1:17.06; Barrett Powell (W) 1:23.03; Andrew Delph (W) 1:29.58; Will Hart (H) 1:47.04

100 BREAST: Josh Andrews (W) 1:10.09; Ian Frary (W) 1:26.43; Teddy Murphy (EC) 2:07.84

400 FREE RELAY: Wilmington A (Henry, Carpenter, Baylor, Davis) 4:03.79; Hillsboro A (Schurman, Hetzel, Fite, Schneider) 4:50.72; Wilmington B (Delph, Powell, Frary, Winner) 4:51.46; Hillsboro B (Scott, Hart, Watson, Robinson) 5:37.19.

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