WHS girls win meet with ZT, EC, CM

HILLSBORO — Wilmington was an easy winner Wednesday in a four-team swim meet at the Highland County YMCA.

The Lady Hurricane had 185 points while runnerup Zane Trace finished with 94. East Clinton had 62 and Clinton-Massie scored four points.

The top finish for the Astros was a third by Molly Seabaugh in the 200-yard freestyle. Seabaugh, Emmy Chambliss, Jenna Stanley and Kaylyn Deaton were third in the 200 free relay.

Madison Robinson is the lone Clinton-Massie swimmer.

For Wilmington, individual firsts were recorded by Shannon O’Boyle in the 200 free and the 500 free, Ella Neuenschwander in the 50 free, Adriana Benitez in the 100 butterfly.

Two relays were first for WHS – O’Boyle, Chloe Sutton, Benitez and Neuenschwander in the 200 medley and Sutton, Hannah Scott, Benitez and O’Boyle in the 200 free.


Jan 27, 2021

@Highland County YMCA

TEAM: Wilmington 185 Zane Trace 94 East Clinton 62 Clinton-Massie 4

200 MEDLEY RELAY: 1-Wilmington A (O’Boyle, Sutton, Benitez, Neuenschwander) 2:27.56; 3-Wilmington B (Watson, Scott, Calderone, Engle) 2:39.5; 5-East Clinton (Kenton Deaton, Hamilton, Tolle, Stanley) 3:05.5

200 FREE: 1-Shannon O’Boyle (W) 2:40.43; 2-Jocelyn Engle (W) 2:54.38; 3-Molly Seabaugh (EC) 3:16.09

200 IM: 2-Vanessa Calderone (W) 3:05.86

50 FREE: 1-Ella Neuenschwander (W) 31.97; 2-Chloe Sutton (W) 33.12; 4-Kenton Deaton (EC) 42.03; 5-Jenna Stanley (EC) 43.19; 7-Madison Robinson (CM) 45.84.

100 FLY: 1-Adriana Benitez (W) 1:29.49

100 FREE: 2-Ella Neuenschwander (W) 1:13.71; 3-Harris (W) 1:18; 5-Emmy Chambliss (EC) 1:28.72; 6-Molly Seabaugh (EC) 1:30.04; 7-Madison Robinson (CM) 1:55.16

500 FREE: 1-Shannon O’Boyle (W) 7:15.4; 2-Jocelyn Engle 8:13.9

200 FREE RELAY: Wilmington A (Sutton, Scott, Benitez, O’Boyle) 2:13.1; Wilmington B (Phillips-Spisak, Brausch, Clair, Engle) 2:33.06; 3-East Clinton (Chambliss, Stanley, Kaylyn Deaton, Seabaugh)

100 BACK: 2-Charlotte Housh (W) 1:30; 4-Kenton Deaton (EC) 1:40.5; 5-Reagan Harris (W) 1:52.86; 6-Emmy Chambliss (EC) 1:54.63

100 BREAST: 2-Chloe Sutton (W) 1:33.38; 3-Vanessa Calderone (W) 1:37.19

400 FREE RELAY: 2-Wilmington A (Benitez, Watson, Calderone, Neunschwander) 5:09.62; 3-Wilmington B (Reynolds, Harris, Bowman, Housh) 6:03.82; 4-East Clinton (Kenton Deaton, Chambliss, Tolle, Seabaugh) 6:12.91


50 FREE: 1-Sadie Bowman (W) 36.0; 2-Reagan Harris (W) 37.41; 3-Madilyn Brausch (W) 39.75; 4-Brooklyn Hamilton (EC) 40.82

100 FREE: 1-Alice Clair (W) 1:22.38; 2-Sadie Bowman (W) 1:30.96; 3-Jenna Stanley (EC) 1:46.91

100 FREE: 1-Charlotte Housh (W) 1:21.19; 2-Hannah Reynolds (W) 1:23.9

100 BREAST: Teagan Phillips-Spisak (W) 1:38.75; 2-Alice Clair (W) 1:42.34