CM sets record, ROB 2nd, EC 4th at Mudd MS Relays

File types included are ai, eps, svg, and various jpgs (3000x3000,1000x1000,500x500)

File types included are ai, eps, svg, and various jpgs (3000x3000,1000x1000,500x500)

ADAMS TOWNSHIP — Wilmington’s Rodger O. Borror Middle School finished as runnerup last week in the Brian Mudd Middle School Relays at Clinton-Massie’s Chick Brown Track.

Clinton-Massie was third and East Clinton fourth in the six-team meet.

Cale Wilson of CMMS went 19-6 in the long jump to set a new individual record. Josh Merz set the previous record in 1990 at 19-5. Wilson teamed with Cooper Carmack and Hunter Wilson to set a new meet record in the long jump at 35-2.

The Borror Hurricane won the 4×200, distance medley, 4×400, sprint medley, shot put relays.

East Clinton won the 4×800 and discus relays.

In addition to the long jump, the Falcons won the high jump relay.


April 15, 2021

Brian Mudd Middle School Relays

@Chick Brown Track

TEAM SCORES: Miami Trace 88, Wilmington 79, Clinton-Massie 56, East Clinton 51, Kings 49, Carlisle 38

4×800 RELAY: East Clinton (Terrell, Mahanes, Seabaugh, Brockman) 11:30.6; Kings 11:54.3; Clinton-Massie (Hensley, Luce, Fallis, Bennett) 12:43.5 Carlisle 12:48.2; Miami Trace 12:51.8; Wilmington 13:27.4

SHUTTLE HURDLES: Miami Trace 1:25.1; Kings 1:26.4; Clinton-Massie (Shumaker, Mills, Luce, Fallis) 1:30.2; Wilmington 1:33

4×200 RELAY: Wilmington 1:52.1; Miami Trace 1:59.3; Carlisle 2:01.7; Kings 2:03.9; East Clinton (Ellis, Beam, Griffith, Coleflesh) 2:04.9

DISTANCE MEDLEY: Wilmington 10:38.1; Miami Trace 10:42.7; Carlisle 11:17.9; Kings 12:10..1; Clinton-Massie (Luce, Fallis, Hensley, Mefford) 12:31.6; East Clinton (Mahanes, Hackman, Borgiero, Seabaugh) 12:34.1

4×100 RELAY: Miami Trace 55.4; Carlisle 56.6; East Clinton (Terrell, Coleflesh, Hackman, George) 57.3; Clinton-Massie (Bennett, Hunter, Shumaker, Carmack) 59.2; Wilmington 59.5; Kings 62.6

4×400 RELAY: Wilmington 4:30.7; Miami Trace 4:43.7; East Clinton (Brockman, Beam, Seabaugh, George) 4:52.5; Kings 4:56.3; Carlisle 4:58.9; Clinton-Massie (McDowell, Bennett, Hensley, Mefford) 5:27.2

SPRINT MEDLEY: Wilmington 2:00.1; Miami Trace 2:07.4; East Clinton (Coleflesh, Borgiero, Ellis, George) 2:09.7; Kings 2:11.3; Carlisle 2:13.4; Clinton-Massie (Mills, Wilson, Carmack, McDowell) 2:13.8

SHOT PUT: Wilmington (Keith, Hildebrandt, Cumberland) 64-2; Miami Trace 59-6; East Clinton (Brockman, Edison, Gulley) 56-5.75; Clinton-Massie (Evans, Hunter) 53-0; Kings 51-7.5; Carlisle 50-7.75

DISCUS: East Clinton (Gulley, Griffith, Edison)) 169-9; Wilmington (Hildebrandt, Keith, Cumberland) 162-8; Clinton-Massie (Evans, Hunter) 155-3; Kings 152-8; Miami Trace 147-10; Carlisle 117-4

LONG JUMP: Clinton-Massie (C. Wilson, Carmack, H. Wilson) 35-4; Miami Trace 30-7; Wilmington (Johnson, Stephens, Brooks)) 28-9; Carlisle 27-7; East Clinton (Brockman) Terrell) 25-7; Kings 22-9

HIGH JUMP: Clinton-Massie (McDowell, Shumaker, Wilson) 10-0; Wilmington (Burt, Schlabach, Smith) 9-4; Miami Trace 9-4; Carlisle 4-6; East Clinton (Beam) 4-4; Kings 4-4

POLE VAULT: Miami Trace 14-6; Kings 13-6; Clinton-Massie (Mefford, Mills) 12-0

File types included are ai, eps, svg, and various jpgs (3000×3000,1000×1000,500×500) types included are ai, eps, svg, and various jpgs (3000×3000,1000×1000,500×500)