Blan JH boys win CMMS relay event; EC 3rd, CM 4th, ROB 5th

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ADAMS TOWNSHIP — The Blanchester Junior High School boys track and field team won the Clinton-Massie Middle School Relays Wednesday at Chick Brown Track.

The Wildcats scored 75 points while runnerup Miami Trace had 69. East Clinton was third with 64 points and Clinton-Massie fourth with 56. Wilmington’s Rodger O. Borror Middle School squad tied for fifth with 49.

Blanchester had wins in the high jump (Johnny Schirmer, Jake Newman, Matt Holland), long jump (Braden Roy, Brady Phillips, Jake Newman) and distance medley (Tanner Creager, Kadin Berwanger, Blake Richard, Hunter Browning) relay.

East Clinton won the discus and shot put competitions with ease.

Clinton-Massie did not win an event but was runnerup in the 4×200 relay, the shuttle hurdles and the shot put.

The Borror school had victories in the pole vault, the 4×100 and 4×200 relays.


April 13, 2016

@Chick Brown Track, CMHS

Clinton-Massie Middle School Relays

TEAM SCORES: Blanchester 75, Miami Trace 69, East Clinton 64 Clinton-Massie 56, Wilmington 49, Waynesville 49

HIGH JUMP: Blanchester (Johnny Schirmer, Jake Newman, Matt Holland) 9-10 East Clinton 9-10; Waynesville 9-8 MIami Trace 9-8 Clinton-Massie 9-2; Wilmington 9-0

DISCUS: East Clinton 222-6; Blanchester (Andrew Frump, Hunter Bare, Logan Heitzman) 169-11; Clinton-Massie 154-0; Miami Trace 150-4; Waynesville 136-1; Wilmington 112-8

LONG JUMP: Blanchester (Braden Roy, Brady Phillips, Jake Newman) 30-8.5; East Clinton 29-10.5; Wilmington 29-6.5; Clinton-Massie 26-6.75; Waynesville 25-10.75; Miami Trace 24-6

POLE VAULT: Wilmington 13-6; Miami Trace 7-6; Clinton-Massie 7-0

SHOT PUT: East Clinton 70-10; Clinton-Massie 63-5; Blanchester (Andrew Frump, Hunter Bare, Logan Heitzman) 61-9; Wilmington 60-9; Miami Trace 57-11; Waynesville 53-7

4X800 RELAY: Miami Trace 10:05; Blanchester (Hunter Browning, Blake Richard, Matt O’Neill, Tanner Creager) 10:22; Waynesville 10:34; East Clinton 10:35; Wilmington 10:52; Clinton-Massie 11:44

SHUTTLE HURDLES: Waynesville 1:16.9; Clinton-Massie 1:17.4; East Clinton 1:19.7; Blanchester 1:20.2; Miami Trace 1:22.9; Wilmington 1:30.9

4X200 RELAY: Wilmington 1:53.1; Clinton-Massie 1:54.3; Miami Trace 1:54.5; Waynesville 2:02.3; East Clinton 2:02.7; Blanchester 2:07.9

SPRINT MEDLEY: Miami Trace 1:55.9; East Clinton 1:58.2; Waynesville 2:09.9; Clinton-Massie 2:13.9; Blanchester 2:20.2

DISTANCE MEDLEY: Blanchester (Tanner Creager, Kadin Berwanger, Blake Richard, Hunter Browning) 9:55.8; Miami Trace 10:16.9; Waynesville 10:48.6; East Clinton 10:54.7; Clinton-Massie 12:08.5

4X100 RELAY: Wilmington 53.1; Blanchester (Braden Roy, Shane Smith, Carter Stevens, Brady Phillips) 53.3; Clinton-Massie 53.7; Miami Trace 54.9; East Clinton 55.5

4X400 RELAY: Miami Trace 4:10.3; Blanchester (Kadin Berwanger, Hunter Browning, Blake Richard, Tanner Creager) 4:14.0; Waynesville 4:15.7; Wilmington 4:23.7; East Clinton 4:24.9; Clinton-Massie 4:38

News Journal Report