Keiter, BHS doubles team lead locals at Wilmington Invitational

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Wilmington’s Matt Keiter was the top local finisher Saturday in the Wilmington Invitational tennis tournament at the WHS tennis complex.

In the final team standings, Loveland was the overall tournament champion with Milford second and Centerville third. Wilmington was sixth.

Keiter was third at first singles, defeating Lutz of Loveland 9-7 in the consolation match.

Blanchester also participated in the tournament and finished eighth. The top finisher for the Wildcats was the doubles pairing of Wesley Mitchell and Kayla Dugger, who placed fourth at first doubles.

“Once again it was seven Div. I schools and Blan,” said BHS coach Scott Shepard. “Blan is extremely grateful and honored to have been invited by Steve Reed and the Wilmington tennis team to compete for the second year. Blanchester got better playing against such great competition.”


April 16, 2016

Wilmington Invitational

@Wilmington High School


• Matt Keiter (W) def Hof (Le) 8-3; was def by Meier (C) 1-6, 3-6; def Lutz (Lo) 9-7. Finished third.

• Matt Burden (B) was def by Meier (C) 8-0; was def by Haupt (G) 8-1; was def by Hof (Le) 0-8. Finished eighth.

• Sawyer Kratzer (W) def Miller (B) 8-3; was def by Morehouse (Mil) 2-6, 3-6; was def by Doughman (Le). Finished fourth.

• Jacob Miller (B) was def by Kratzer (W) 3-8; was def by Venkatesh (C) 3-8; was def by Morgan (Mid) 8-10. Finished eighth.

• Jonathan Fender (W) was def by Muhlenkamp (G) 2-8; def Ramsey (Mid) 8-1; was def by Gibson (Mil) 4-8. Finished sixth.

• Nick Grogg (B) was def by Hogan (Lo) 5-8; was def by Gibson (Mil) 1-8; def Ramsey (Mid) 8-0. Finished seventh.


• Drew Moyer, Brady Henry (W) were def by Grote, Smith (G) 8-9 (7-10); def Thomas, Johnson (Mid); were def by Daskalakis (C) 6-8. Finished sixth.

• Wesley Mitchell, Kayla Dugger (B) def Johnson, Thomas (Mid); were def by Chrislip, Jaquillard (Mil) 0-6, 3-6; was def by Grote, Smith (G) 6-8. Finished fourth.

• Austin Embree, Jalen Douglas (W) were def by Richmond, Rubikas (Lo) 3-8; def Oldham, Turpin (B) 1-8; def Davis, Lobenstein (G) 8-2. Finished fifth.

• Tomas Oldham, Jed Turpin (B) were def by Mason, Spencer (Mil) 0-8; were def by Embree, Douglas (W) 1-8; def Middletown 8-4. Finished seventh.

News Journal Report