Burns takes top spot, teams with Taylor for runnerup

Claire Burns and Jenna Taylor

Claire Burns and Jenna Taylor

WILMINGTON — Teaming with classmate Jenna Taylor, Wilmington’s Claire Burns became the winningest girls tennis player in school history Saturday at the first Wilmington Doubles Tournament at the WHS tennis complex.

“It was fun to watch Jenna and Claire play some great doubles,” WHS coach Doug Cooper said. “They both have so much individual talent, it’s a real pleasure to see them team up and get after it. It was especially nice to have Jenna on the court to give an assist to Claire to become the winningest player in WHS girls tennis history with win 86, replacing the legendary and tenacious competitor Allison Brooks as first on the all-time wins list.

“Jenna and Claire have added so much value to our program and such great teammates, I’m glad they got to share a special day and earn runner-up honors in a nice field of doubles players.”

Maya Brink and Nitika Arora of Kings were the first place first doubles team.

“Maya and Nitika were nearly flawless,” Cooper said. “Jenna and Claire were the only team in the field that could pick up a game against them. Their experience in the state tournament last year came through.”

Cooper said WHS pairs Chandni Sharma and Avni Patel at second doubles and Cary Holliday and Layna Holmes at third doubles “played well but lost against superior players with lots of varsity experience.”


August 21, 2021

@WHS Tennis Complex


Bellbrook 13 Sycamore B 10 Kings 5 Wilmington 5

1st Doubles

Burns 12/Taylor 12 (W) d. Gause 12/Hardman 12 (Kings) 8-5; d. Vaiyda 12/Temple 12 (Sycamore) 8-3; were def by Arora 12/Brink 10 (Bellbrook) 8-1

2nd Doubles

Patel 12/Sharma 11 (W) were def by Victor 12/Astacio 11 (Kings) 8-0; were def by Anoop 11/Parikh 11 (Sycamore) 8-0; were def by Chappars 11/Delsing 11 (Bellbrook) 8-0

3rd Doubles

Holliday 9/Holmes 9 were def by Moore 12/Yaugo 12 (Kings) 8-1; were def by Gambheera 12/Heinz 10 8-0; were def by Thomas 11/Pham 12 (Bellbrook) 8-1

Claire Burns and Jenna Taylor
https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2021/08/web1_TEN_burnstaylor0821sub.jpgClaire Burns and Jenna Taylor