MT, WC top Wilmington Invitational tennis field

WILMINGTON — Miami Trace and West Clermont tied for first Saturday in the Wilmington Invitational girls tennis tournament on the WHS courts.

Wilmington was third with Clinton-Massie fourth.

Claire Burns won the first singles bracket easily while Jenna Taylor took home the second singles title.

The Clinton-Massie doubles pairing of Mikayla Wonderly and Addison Swope finished as runnersup at first doubles.


August 28, 2021

Wilmington Invitational

@WHS Tennis Courts

Teams: Miami Trace 31, West Clermont 31, Wilmington 29, Clinton-Massie 24, Western Brown 24, Stivers 21, Little Miami 20.


1 Singles: Claire Burns def Lukemire (WC) 8-0; def Pratt (LM) 8-0; def Edwards (S) 8-0. Finished first.

2 Singles: Jenna Taylor def King (MT) 8-1; def Alexander (S) 0-8; def Ellis (WC) 8-5. Finished first.

3 Singles: Chandni Sharma def Luttrell (WB) 8-6; was def by Riggs (MT) 6-8. Finished second.

1 Doubles: Cary Holliday, Rory Housh were def by Payer, Hardin (WC) 2-8; were def by Kutler, Miller (WB) 0-8. Finished seventh.

2 Doubles: Reagan Henry, Layna Holmes were def by Green, Gasaway (CM) 7-9; were def by Jasmine, Gillis (LM) 5-8. Finished seventh.


1 Singles: Vanessa Asher was def by Cruea (MT) 3-8; was def by Young (WB) 1-8. Finished seventh.

2 Singles: Elle Dunham was def by Ellis (WC) 2-8; was def by Alexander (S) 6-8. Finished third.

3 Singles: Lilly Logsdon was def by Luttrell (WB) 3-8; def Miller (S) 8-3; def Dell (LM) 8-5. Finished fifth.

1 Doubles: Mikayla Wonderly, Addison Swope def Lawrence, Soberanese (S) 8-1; def Temple, Bailey (LM) 8-3; were def by payer, Hardin (WC) 3-8. Finished second.

2 Doubles: Brylie Green, Noel Gasaway def Henry, Holmes (W) 9-7; were def by Harbottle, Steele (WB) 4-8; def Nguyen, Fajardo (WC) 8-2. Finished third.