8-under, 5-under win weekly outings at Elks

The senior and community golf league outings were held this week at the Elks 797 Golf Course.

On Thursday, in the community outing, the team of Jim Luck, Donn Sicurella, Gary Bishop and Jim Doak had a 5-under par 31 to lead the way.

The rest of the field:

31: Dick Mitchener, Jim Jones, Bill Ross, Jeff Watkins.

32: Mike Gross, Herb Johnson, Rusty Smethwick, Carl Wright.

32: Bob Vanzant, Mike Ropp, French Hatfield, Jack Carson.

34: Gary Newbry, Mark Hess, Kathy Keltner, Eric Keltner.

34: D Bullock, Pat Davidson, Mike Hubbell, Skip Stiler.

34: Pete Fentress, Steve Olinger, Bob Kemp, Ron Friedlander.

On Tuesday, in the senior outing, the foursome of Dick Mitchener, Jim Jones, Bill Ross and Jeff Watkins had an 8-under par 28 to top the field.

The remaining teams:

29: Dave Doyle, Cliff Doyle, Dave Miller, John Faul.

30: Rocky Long, French Hatfield, Darrell Edwards, Mike Gross.

31: Mark Hess, Gary DeFayette, D Bullock, Gary Bishop.

33: Don Sicurella, Jack Carson, Rusty Smethwick, Bruce Barrett.