Trace wins final SCOL boys track, field title


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HILLSBORO — Clinton-Massie finished third, Wilmington fifth and East Clinton eighth Thursday night in the final South Central Ohio League boys track and field championship meet.

“As a team, we competed very well and I am very impressed with the boys,” WHS boys coach Ashley Howard said. “We had several athletes break personal records and surprise themselves in making it to final in events they were never suppose to be in. Some of those athletes were Zach Bradshaw in the 110-meter hurdles and the 300 hurdles. Zach PR’d in both events in the preliminaries to make it to finals on the last day. I was pleased with Zach’s performance though he did not place where he wanted, I see great potential for next year for him to improve.”

Howard also was pleased with a couple of distance runners and relay teams.

“Tyler Parks also stepped up and ran a 4:59 mile to get sixth place when he was never seeded in the event,” she said. “Simon Heys broke a personal record in the 3200-meter run and took home the lone first-place finish for the team. His time of 10:27 gives him a chance to place top four at the district track meet to advance to regionals.

“The 4×100 meter relay team placed fourth and the 4×400 meter team broke a personal record by eight seconds running a time of 3:44 and placing fourth overall. I am excited with what I saw tonight and I am ready for districts. I know the boys feel like little fish in a big pond when it comes to districts but I know if they leave it all on the track like they did (at SCOL), they will be able to make it to regionals with no problem”


May 9, 11, 2017

South Central Ohio League Championship

@Hillsboro High School complex

TEAM SCORES: Miami Trace 130 Hillsboro 126 Clinton-Massie 91.5 McClain 90.5 Wilmington 89 Washington 74.5 Chillicothe 30 East Clinton 25.5

4×800 RELAY: Clinton-Massie (Jacob Whitaker, Alex Hudson, Zach Chowning, Tanner Olberding) 8:26.41; Miami Trace 8:37.04; McClan 8:56.22; Hillsboro 8:56.45; Washington 9:01.65; Wilmington (Simon Heys, Tyler Parks, Bayden Stephens, Calvin Walls) 9:03.37; East Clinton (Danny Fajardo, Aiden Henson, Devin Henson, Ethan Jones) 10:11.15; Chillicothe 10:26.24

110 HURDLES: Rice (Wa) 15.65; Gray (M) 15.83; Nic Hayward (Wi) 16.0; Langley (Wa) 16.55; Cory (MT) 17.16; Zach Bradshaw (Wi) 17.28; Watson (H) 17.73; Foltz (M) 17.75

100 DASH: Litteral (MT) 11.08; Knaff (M) 11.19; Pitzer (M) 11.21; Ryland Bowman (Wi) 11.31; Sauceda (MT) 11.4; Goolsby (H) 11.66

4×200 RELAY: Miami Trace 1:33.79; Wilmington (Bayden Stephens, Jeffery Burton, Nic Hayward, Ryland Bowman) 1:35.33; Hillsboro 1:36.13; McClain 1:38.52; Washington (1:38.83; Clinton-Massie (Christian Poynter, Devon Noble, Jeff Passarge, Jacob Campbell) 1:39.52; Chillicothe 1:42.63

1600 RUN: Jacob Whitaker (CM) 4:40.88; Pittser (MT) 4:46.11; Simon Heys (Wi) 4:50.77; Morris (Wa) 4:54.9; Greisheimer (CH) 4:56.36; Tyler Parks (Wi) 4:59.57; Atwood (MT) 4:59.77; Nick Chowning (CM) 5:01.05

4×100 RELAY: McClain 44.42 (SCOL RECORD); Hillsboro 44.88; Clinton-Massie (Cole O’Bryon, Devon O’Bryon, Bailey Leforge, Christian Poynter) 46.22; Miami Trace 46.42; Wilmington (Josh Vaughan, Jeffery Burton, Zach Bradshaw, Ely Schumacher) 46.68; Washington 46.72; Chillicothe 48.62

400 DASH: Sauceda (MT) 52.45; Cole O’Bryon (CM) 52.8; Newkirk (M) 54.36; Workman (H) 54.4; Bayden Stephens (Wi) 55.38; Kimball (H) 55.47; Howard (CH) 55.88; Will Calendine (CM) 56.27

300 HURDLES: Gray (M) 42.16; Harris (CH) 42.66; Wesley Kidder (EC) 43.49; Watson (H) 43.99; Reed (MT) 44.37; Foltz (M) 44.68; Zach Bradshaw (Wi) 44.7; Rice (Wa) 45.42

800 RUN: Underwood (Wa) 2:02; Zach Chowning (CM) 2:05.1; Lewis (MT) 2:06.45; Alex Hudson (CM) 2:06.96; Haines (H) 2:07.72; Alexander (H) 2:08.9; Greisheimer (CH) 2:11.09; Morris (Wa) 2:13.5

200 DASH: Litteral (MT) 22.35; Ryland Bowman (Wi) 22.93; Pitzer (M) 23.14; Hayton H) 23.62; Sauceda MT) 14.08; Gallimore (H) 24.27; Cole O’Bryon (CM) 24.3

3200 RUN: Simon Heys (Wi) 10:27.13; Pittser (MT) 10:33.79; DeBruin (MT) 10:55.03; Tanner Olberding (CM) 10:58.14; Pinney (H) 11:06.31; Jacob Whitaker (CM) 11:17.39; Shephard (M) 11:21; Lucarello (H) 11:30.68

4×400 RELAY: Clinton-Massie (Cole O’Bryon, Devon O’Bryon, Christian Poynter, Wil Calendine) 3:36.58; Hillsboro 3:38.31; Miami Trace 3:43.51; Wilmington (Jeffery Burton, Josh Vaughan, Bayden Stephens, Zach Bradshaw) 3:45.18; Washnigton 3:47.11; Chillicothe 3:49.02; McClain 3:51.45; East Clinton (Wesley Kidder, Patrick Dotson, Aidan Henson, Ethan Ambrose) 3:54.09

SHOT PUT: Seyfang (MT) 45-7; Burns (H) 44-0.5; Stodgel (H) 42-1; Hicks (Wa) 41-09; Butterbaugh (Wa) 41-7.25; Isaac Green (CM) 39-7.5; Nick Saddler (CM) 39-6; Pearson (M) 38-9.75

DISCUS: Seyfang (MT) 136-2; Thomas Wright (EC) 123-6.5; O’Conner (M) 120-10; Hicks (Wa) 118-11; Stodgel (H) 118-10; Maynard (H) 116-3.5; Mossbarger (MT) 115-2; Pearson (M) 113-9.5; Garrett Hickey (Wi) 106-7

LONG JUMP: Goolsby (H) 21-6.5; Ryland Bowman (Wi) 20-5; Pitzer (M) 20-4; Zack Mitchell (EC) 19-6; Nic Hayward (Wi) 19-0; Devon O’Bryon (CM) 18-5; Steward (Wa) 18-5; Jeff Passarge (CM) 18-4

HIGH JUMP: Hayton (H) 6-4; Chris Demler (CM) 6-0; Roderick (CH) 5-10; Conlon (H) 5-8; Gray (M) 5-6; Ethan Ambrose (EC) 5-6; Burns (Wa) 5-4; Tate Olberding (CM) 5-4;

POLE VAULT: Goolsby (H) 15-0; Gus McCarty (Wi) 12-6; Davis (Wa) 12-0; Gallimore (H) 11-6; Downing (Wa) 11-6; Cory (MT) 11-0; Micah Ferguson (Wi) 11-0; Nathan Gibbs (CM) 10-6

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