Summer tennis program registration winding down

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Registration is winding down for the Wilmington Area Tennis Association’s summer programs.

Adult Tennis (ages 18+)

The adult summer tennis program meets on Sunday nights at 6:30 p.m. This fun and flexible league will match player with other players at different levels for quick matches that rotate often. Scores will be kept throughout the summer and prizes awarded to the top players.

All levels are welcome. Price is $15 to cover balls and prizes. Register at by clicking the red REGISTER NOW button.

Youth Team Tennis (ages 10 and under)

The youth team tennis program meets June 12 to June 16 at 6 p.m. More details can be found at the registration site

WATA Tennis Academy (ages 11-18)

This popular program is the best way to get better at tennis for all levels. White group is for beginners of any age, orange group is for intermediate players (middle school and junior varsity), black is for advanced (upper junior varsity and varsity). This year we are encouraging people to pay for their sessions ahead of time online. We are offering a discount to use this convenient feature. We won’t be offering any make-ups for vacation or missed sessions but the discount adds up. Basically every third session ends up being free if the summer pass is purchased.

Players purchasing a summer pass will also get one free private lesson.

White Group – M/W/F 9-10 a.m. beginners

Daily Pass – $12 (per session drop-in rate)

Monthly Pass – $120 ($10 per session)

Summer Pass – $192 ($8 per session)

Orange Group – M/W/F 9-10:30 a.m. intermediate players

Daily Pass – $16 (per session drop-in rate)

Monthly Pass – $168 ($14 per session)

Summer Pass – $288 ($12 per session)

Black Group – M/W/F 10 a.m. to noon advanced players

Daily Pass – $20 (per session drop-in rate)

Monthly Pass – $216 ($18 per session)

Summer Pass – $360 ($15 per session)

To register for any of our package sessions click on the red Register Now button at homepage. If you plan to pay as you go, email with player name and basic info so we can hold a spot.

WATA Summer Cup (ages 11-18 must be able to serve and keep score)

This will replace our JTT program from previous years. WATA Summer Cup is our youth match play program. WSC will meet June 20, 22, 27, 29 and July 11, 13, 18 at 6 p.m. Rain dates will be added, if needed. Players will be randomly assigned both singles and doubles matches. Points will be earned for points won and tracked throughout the summer. Awards will be given at the end of the summer.

All players will receive a T-shirt as a part of this program.

Players must be able to serve and know the basic rules, scoring, and etiquette before signing up for the Summer Cup. This program is matches only. Players looking for practice should sign up for WATA Tennis Academy.

Beginning players should consider taking our WATA Tennis Academy white group to prepare for match play.

Players are encouraged to also sign up for the Summer Cup End of Season tournament. Register for both of these events by clicking the red Register Now button at the organization’s website (

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