EC, Blan middle schoolers at Ohio Classic

HILLSBORO – East Clinton and Blanchester competed in the middle school races Saturday at the Ohio Classic Cross Country Extravaganza at Liberty Park.

Carah Antek was eighth in the girls race, the top finisher among all county runners.

In the boys race, Van Frye of East Clinton was 13th in 13:11 and Brett Bandown of Blanchester was 17th in 13:26.


Sept 2 2017

Ohio Classic Cross Country Extravaganza

@Liberty Park

Boys team scores

Fairfield 43 Eastern Brown 80 Western Brown 81 Miami Trace 92 Cedarville 131 Hillsboro 148 Peebles 167 East Clinton 177

Boys individuals

Caleb Ware (WB) first in 12:06; Van Frye (EC) 13th in 13:11; Brett Bandow (BL) 17th in 13:26; Justin Arnold (EC) 27th in 14:13; Bryan Bandow (BL) 44th in 15:06; Jacob Haun (BL) 46th in 15:11; Dakota Collom (EC) 53rd in 15:44; Adam Dunn (EC) 69th in 17:06; Michael Daniel (EC) 70th in 17:27; Bryce Bandow (BL) 74th in 19:08; Connor Weddington (EC) 78th in 21:58

Girls team scores

Eastern Brown 28 Western Brown 30 Miami Trace 94 Fairfield 96

Girls individuals

Katy Seas (Peebles) first in 13:27; Carah Antek (EC) 8th in 14:57; Kenton Deaton (EC) 26th in 16:54; Savannah Tolle (EC) 28th in 16:59

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