Falcons regain lead over Hurricane in SBAAC golf

SARDINIA – Wilmington and Clinton-Massie continue to back neck and neck in the Southern Buckeye Athletic & Academic Conference American Division boys golf standings.

Western Brown (160) won the fifth divisional at White Oak Golf Course by four strokes over the Massie (164) and by eight (168) strokes over WHS.

The Falcons broke a tie with the Hurricane for the overall league lead, 664 to 668. The next closest team is Western Brown who is 54 shots behind WHS.

Individually, Jordan Lind and Tabor Tesmer, both of Western Brown, were match medalists with 38s.

Wilmington’s Jack Murphy and Clinton-Massie’s Keith Mineer both had 39s.

Murphy holds the overall American Division individual honors by three shots over Mineer.

There is still two nine-hole divisionals and the 18-hole league tournament to be played.


Sept 7 2017

@Friendly Meadows Golf Course

SBAAC American Divisional 5

Western Brown (160) Jordan Lind 38 Tabor Tesmer 38 Ty Large 40 Will Stratton 48 Cody Ryan 44 Ryan Osborne 47

Clinton-Massie (164) Keith Mineer 39 Max Carnevale 40 Cam Collett 47 Nick Young 44 Alex Burnham 41 Ryan Riggers 51

Wilmington (168) Hunter DeWeese 43 Jack Murphy 39 Cameron Smart 41 Dylan Combs 47 Zach Zeckser 48 Zach Delaney 45

New Richmond (192) Lane Flamm 41 Jack Neineke 46 Mat Cox 52 Jackson Miller 54 Cael Matthews 53 Chris Isaacs 66

Batavia (216) Ethan Berger 51 Will Scheffter 49 Micah Staggs 60 Keagan Gadbury 60 Luke Turner 56

Goshen (233) Avery Kneipp 52 Nate Billingsley 60 Chase Huff 55 Colton Rich 66 Brice Noland 66

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