WHS boys 32nd at WSU Collegiate Challenge

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BEAVERCREEK – The Wilmington High School boys bowling team finished 32nd Saturday at the Wright State Collegiate Challenge bowling tournament at Beaver-Vu Lanes.

Tristan Reiley was the top WHS bowling, finishing with games of 136 and 176. He was 79th overall out if 196 bowlers.


December 16, 2017

@Beaver-Vu Lanes

Wright State Collegiate Challenge

Team standings: (Top 8) Oak Hills, Troy, West Clermont, Graham, Fairmont, Eastwood, Elder, Urbana. Also, Wilmington 32nd


1, Nathan Needham (Boardman) 211, 246 (457); 79-Tristan Reiley 136, 176 (312); 85-Grant Pickard 149, 157 (306); 130-Conner Mitchell 175; 138-Zach Zeckser 169; 159-Elijah Martinni 154

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