Borror wrestlers 2nd, EC wrestlers 7th at NCH tournament

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CINCINNATI – Wilmington’s Rodger O. Borror Middle School wrestling team finished runnersup by two points to Edgewood Saturday at the North College Hill Invitational.

East Clinton was seventh in the tournament, finishing behind Edgewood, Wilmington, Monroe, Mt. Healthy, Winton Woods and Richmond.

Zach Vest at 116 pounds and Ethan Kessler at 150 pounds both earned third-place finishes for the young Astro wrestlers.

Cooper Rack at 92 and Michael Horn at 134 were both fourth. Conner Day and Braiden Rosenwirth finished fifth and Colten Haffner and Jayson Edison were sixth.

For Wilmington’s Borror squad, Devon Snyder was first at 80, defeating teammate Jaden Snyder in the title match; Thane McCoy was first at 86; Carson Hibbs was first at 92.

Jaden Snyder was second at 80; Logan Salatin was third at 122; Lee Lynch was fourth at 128; Hunter Davis was fifth at 150; Brayden Smith was third at 160; Devon Cordell was fourth at 172; and Darrick Perdue was fifth at 245.


December 16 2017

@North College Hill Invitational

Team scores

Edgewood 216 Wilmington 214 Monroe 173.5 Mt Healthy 138 Winton Woods 133 Richmond 130 East Clinton 126 Wyoming 111 Middletown 110 Pleasant Run 103 SW Select 96.5 Delhi 76 Williamsburg 69 Indian Hill 60 North College Hill 46.5 Greenfield 32 Aiken 30 and Butler-Warren 0

Individual results

80: Devon Snyder (W) pinned Lewis (WW) 0:46; pinned Melone (Mo) 0:40; pinned Dixon (D) 0:24; pinned J. Snyder (W) 3:41. Finished first

80: Jaden Snyder (W) pinned Capps (R) 1:27; pinned Earls (PR) 4:14; pinned Dixon (D) 4:02; pinned Melone (Mo) 0:40; was pinned by D. Snyder (W) 3:41. Finished second

86: Thane McCoy (W) pinned Cristo (IH) 3:00; pinned Howell (E) 0:40; pinned Cresci (D) 0:27; pinned Cox (PR) 1:01; dec Johnson (Wi) 9-3. Finished first

92: Cooper Rack (EC) pinned Mitchell (D) 2:22; was dec by Hibbs (W) 10-0; pinned McLean (Wy) 1:09; was dec by Lange (E) 14-2; was dec by Johnstone (PR) 10-4. Finished fourth

92: Carson Hibbs (W) pinned McLean (Wy) 0:31; dec Rack (EC) 10-0; pinned Mitchell (D) 0:33; pinned Johnstone (PR) 1:53; dec Lange (E) 5-3. Finished first

104: Sinjin Allen (W) dec Fenderson (NCH) 9-6; was pinned by Richards (Mo) 0:32; was pinned by Breakfield (G) 2:59. Did not place

116: Zach Vest (EC) dec Volk (Mo) 10-8; was pinned by Dewees (MH) 0:21; pinned Carlson (M) 1:28; was pinned by Began (E) 0:41; dec Floyd (PR) 15-1. Finished third

122: Logan Salatin (W) dec Merril (D) 8-5; pinned Sousa (E) 2:28; was pinned by Sanders (WW) 2:38; pinned Scales (D) 0:18. Finished third

122: Connor Day (EC) pinned Handley (R) 0:44; was pinned by Green (MH) 1:48; pinned Tamang (M) 1:16; won by forfeit over Finney (Wy); dec Merril (D) 4-3. Finished fifth

128: Lee Lynch (W) pinned Rosenwirth (EC) 0:18; was pinned by Heinrich (E) 4:01; was pinned by Sides (R) 1:12; was pinned by Lopez (Mi) 3:50. Finished fourth

128: Braiden Rosenwirth (EC) was pinned by Lynch (W) 0:18; was pinned by Heinrich (E) 0:49; was pinned by Lopez (Mi) 1:17; was pinned by Sides (R) 0:19. Finished fifth

134: Michael Horn (EC) was pinned by Moore (R) 1:45; pinned Carter (PR) 2:37; pinned Ingle (WW) 0:37; pinned Alonso (Mi) 0:39. was dec by Wilking (Wy) 5-3. Finished fourth

150: Ethan Kessler (EC) pinned Gross (E) 1:10; pinned Green (Wy) 0:27; was pinned by Boyd (MH) 1:28; pinned Short (WW) 2:36. Finished third

150: Hunter Davis (W) dec Willis (PR) 8-7 OT; was pinned by Boyd (MH) 1:00; pinned Rasnic (Mo) 0:47; pinned Gross (E) 1:00; pinned Lykins (E) 4:11. Finished fifth

160: Brayden Smith (W) pinned Garcia (MH) 0:23; pinned Hernandez (PR) 0:14; pinned Haffner (EC) 0:24; was pinned by Hancock (Wy) 4:25; pinned Lopez (Mo) 0:32. Finished third

160: Colten Haffner (EC) pinned Hernandez (PR) 0:35; pinned Garcia (MH) 0:23; was pinned by Smith (W) 0:24; pinned James (IH) 1:02; was pinned by Flick (E) 1:21. Finished sixth

172: Devon Cordell (W) dec Jacobsen (IH) 3-1 OT; pinned Dallas (D) 0:22; pinned Lee (E) 1:28; was pinned by Wagers (Wy) 0:35; was pinned by Weathersby (PR) 0:32. Finished fourth

172: Isaac Burden (EC) was pinned by Weathersby (PR) 0:23; won by disqualification over Howard (MH); lost by forfeit to Radar (E); lost by forfeit to Wickemeier (Wy). Did not place

205: Jayden Doyle (W) was pinned by Parker (SW) 0:27; pinned Johnson (WW) 1:09; pinned Diddson (Mi) 0:11; was pinned by Jackson (Mi) 1:09. Did not place

205: Jayson Edison (EC) pinned Davis (MH) 1:00; was pinned by David (IH) 0:50; pinned Jeffers (G) 0:43; pinned Metz (Wy) 1:05; was pinned by Jackson (Mi) 0:44. Finished sixth.

245: Jacob Cubbage (EC) was pinned by Kleir (D) 2:58; was pinned by Horsley (WW) 0:53; was pinned by Mosley (MH) 1:07; was pinned by Cotton (Mi) 0:26. Did not place

245: Darrick Perdue (W) pinned Sorrell (Mi) 0:43; was dec by Soriano (PR) 7-5; won by disqualification over Pitts (R); dec Calhoun (WW) 7-4; pinned Kleir (D) 2:16. Finished fifth

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