Clinton-Massie wins JH County Quad title

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LEES CREEK – The Clinton-Massie Middle School wrestling team easily won the Clinton County Quad match Thursday at East Clinton High School.

The young Falcons defeated East Clinton 74-6 in the opening round then dumped Blanchester 60-30 in the championship match.

Wilmington’s Rodger O. Borror Middle School team was a 64-18 winner over East Clinton in the consolation match. The young Hurricane lost to Blanchester in the opening round 63-25.


December 21 2017

@East Clinton High School

County Quad Junior High Wrestling

Clinton-Massie 74 East Clinton 6

86: Grant Moorman (CM) won by forfeit

92: Brayden Rolf (CM) decisioned Cooper Rack (EC) 10-0

98: Reuben Moble (CM) won by forfeit

104: Malachi O’Leary (CM) won by forfeit

110: Garrett Newkirk (CM) won by forfeit

116: Matt Martin (CM) pinned Zach Vest (EC) 0:41

122: Cole Adams (CM) pinned Connor Day (EC) 0:26

128: Nathan Smith (CM) pinned Braiden Rosenwirth (EC) 0:52

134: Michael Horn (EC) pinned Nate Wildermuth (CM) 1:04

142: Double forfeit

150: Charley Hale (CM) pinned Ethan Kessler (EC) 1:44

160: Lane Schultz (CM) won by forfeit

172: Double forfeit

205: Ronnie Kincer (CM) pinned Jayson Edison (EC) 1:56

245: Bryant Pinkerton (CM) decisioned Jacob Cubbage (EC) 16-8

80: Cole Moorman (CM) won by forfeit

Blanchester 63 Wilmington 25

86: Hunter Smith (B) pinned Devon Snyder (W) 2:39

92: Thane McCoy (W) pinned Bryan Brewer (B) 3:45

98: Carson Hibbs (W) decisioned Aiden Begley (B) 11-4

104: Carson Curless (B) pinned Sinjin Allen (W) 1:09

110: Adam Frump (B) won by forfeit

118: Levi St John (B) decisioned Logan Salatin (W) 10-3

122: Nick Musselman (B) won by forfeit

128: Bryan Bandow (B) pinned Lee Lynch (W) 1:46

134: Troy Hedstrom (B) won by forfeit

142: Tyler Bussell (B) won by forfeit

150: Cody Kidd (B) pinned Hunter Davis (W) 3:39

160: Zane Panetta (B) pinned Brayden Smith (W) 3:11

172: Joey Haines (B) pinned Devon Cordell (W) 1:51

205: Jayden Doyle (W) won by forfeit

245: Darrick Perdue (W) won by forfeit

80: Jaden Snyder (W) decisioned Brett Bandow (B) 10-0

Wilmington 64 East Clinton 18

92: Thane McCoy (W) pinned Cooper Rack (EC) 1:26

98: Carson Hibbs (W) won by forfeit

104: Sinjin Allen (W) won by forfeit

110: Double forfeit

116: Logan Salatin (W) decisioned Zach Vest (EC) 11-2

122: Conner Day (EC) won by forfeit

128: Lee Lynch (W) pinned Braiden Rosenwirth (EC) 1:03

134: Michael Horn (EC) won by forfeit

142: Double forfeit

150: Ethan Kessler (EC) pinned Hunter Davis (W) 3:27

160: Brayden Smith (W) won by forfeit

170: Devon Cordell (W) won by forfeit

205: Jayden Doyle (W) pinned Jayson Edison (EC) 0:45

245: Darrick Perdue (W) pinned Seth Tagg (EC) 1:13

80: Jaden Snyder (W) won by forfeit

86: Devon Snyder (W) won by forfeit

Clinton-Massie 60 Blanchester 30

80: Cole Moorman (CM) pinned Brett Bandow (B) 0:40

86: Grant Moorman (CM) pinned Hunter Smith (B) 1:56

92: Brayden Rolf (CM) pinned Bryan Brewer (B) 0:24

98: Reuben Mobley (CM) pinned Aiden Begley (B) 2:04

104: Malachi O’Leary (CM) pinned Carson Curless (B) 1:00

110: Adam Frump (B) decisioned Garrett Newkirk (CM) 3-1

116: Levi St John (B) pinned Matt Martin (CM) 2:08

122: Nick Musselman (B) pinned Cole Adams (CM) 0:56

128: Nathan Smith (CM) pinned Bryan Bandow (B) 3:23

134: Nate Wildermuth (CM) won by default over Troy Hedstrom (B)

142: Tyler Bussell (B) won by forfeit

150: Charley Hale (CM) pinned Cody Kidd (B) 3:30

160: Zane Panetta (B) decisioned Lane Schultz (CM) 10-4

172: Joey Haines (B) won by forfeit

205: Ronnie Kincer (CM) won by forfeit

245: Bryant Pinkerton (CM) won by forfeit

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