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The Wilmington High School wrestling team, runnersup in the Division II Batavia Sectional wrestling tournament Saturday at BHS.

The Wilmington High School wrestling team, runnersup in the Division II Batavia Sectional wrestling tournament Saturday at BHS.

BATAVIA – Led by Isaac Allen and Conner Barton, the Wilmington High School wrestlers finished as runnersup Saturday at the Division II Batavia Sectional tournament at BHS.

There are six Hurricane wrestlers who qualified for the upcoming district to be held at the Rodger O. Borror Middle School Friday and Saturday. Allen and Barton won sectional titles while Sam Eastes was runnerup and Cameron Smart was third. Dominic Davidson and Brady Bergefurd were fourth-place finishers.

Clinton-Massie qualified five wrestlers to the district tournament – sectional champion Matt Asher, runner-up Bryson Mills and third-place finishers Robbie Frederick, Ross Lennon and Sam Brothers.

Ross won the team championship with 240 points while Wilmington was runnerup with 164.5 points. Clinton-Massie was fourth with 126 points.

“We were very pleased with our performance from underclassmen,” WHS coach Kelly Tolliver said. “Sam Eastes and Domonic Davidson have really been showing improvement the last half of the season and are starting to put together some really good matches. Other notable underclassmen were Trent Holliday, Mason Snyder, Truestin Barnes and Spencer Cain. Despite not qualifying these wrestlers were able to put their losses in the semis behind them and come back on the mat one more time to earn a spot as an alternate at the district tournament this weekend.”

Allen was the top seed at 160 pounds and “was solid throughout,” Tolliver said. “Isaac controlled each match and even in the finals dominated his opponent.”

Barton’s title was not surprising to Tolliver but because Barton “has been flying under the radar most of the season” there might be some who overlook the Hurricane heavyweight this coming weekend.

Tolliver also was pleased with the effort of seniors Smart and Bergefurd. Smart “stayed on task all weekend” while Bergefurd defeated the No. 3 seed en route to a fourth-place finish, Tolliver said.

For the Falcons, Asher barely broke a sweat in recording three pins in 5:01 total mat time while winning the 126-pound championship.

Mills had a solid tournament but lost to unbeaten Zach Dunn of Goshen in the championship match.


February 24 2018

Division II Batavia Sectional

@Batavia High School

Team standings (top 10)

Ross 240 Wilmington 164.5 Goshen 145 Clinton-Massie 126 New Richmond 125.5 Norwood 108 Indian Hill 106 Badin 97 Batavia 82 Wyoming 64

Individual results


113: Cameron Smart dec Kevin White (MH) 12-6; was dec by Josh Dunn (Go) 18-3; pinned Josh Asbury (NR) 3:58; pinned Jakob Brown (Bat) 4:28. Finished third.

120: Sam Eastes dec Spencer Mangialordo (IH) 13-2; pinned Bryan Sauter (Bat) 3:24; was pinned by Tyler Harkins (Nor) 3:23. Finished second.

126: Dominic Davidson was pinned by Ethan Emmons (Bad) 2:57; pinned Dnarius Thomas (MH) 3:59; pinned Jon Woodward (Go) 2:04; pinned Nathan Bryan (Wyo) 4:53; was pinned by Ethan Emmons (Bad) 5:00. Finished fourth

132: Mason Snyder was dec by Casey Ragle (Nor) 25-9; dec Abraham Garcia (MH) 6-4; was dec by Kane Schmidt (Bad) 17-4; pinned Jason Martin (CM) 0:52. Finished fifth

138: Logan Cook was pinned by Brayden Ploehs (Ro) 1:30; was pinned by Brennan Bruner (Bat) 0:39. Did not place.

145: Trent Holliday was dec by Casey Washburn (NR) 17-0; pinned Tyler Draise (Bat) 1:45; dec Cameron Lapthorn (Bad) 5-2; was dec by Sean Beltran (Ro) 7-5. dec Brady Stokes (Tay) 6-2. Finished fifth.

152: Spencer Cain was pinned by Yima Nyamor (Wyo) 0:45; pinned Dallas Rice (Aik) 1:39; dec Emarai Hines (MH) 11-6; was pinned by Greg Melton (Nor) 4:50; was pinned by Joshua Cain (Tay) 1:54. Finished fifth

160: Isaac Allen dec Jayden Naegele (NR) 22-6; pinned Ethan Tefs (Wyo) 0:30; dec Will Steuerwald (IH) 10-2. Finished first

170: Canon Ford was dec by Jamonte Crossty (MH) 16-1; was pinned by Colton Doyle (CM) 4:53. Did not place

182: Truestin Barnes was pinned by Ryan Gear (McN) 2:50; pinned Bryce Hickson (Wyo) 0:50; was pinned by Austin Hamblin (Ro) 0:32; pinned Nathan Berger (IH) 0:47. Finished fifth.

195: Brady Bergefurd was pinned by Kegen Rogers (Bad) 1:54; pinned Camren Hollingsworth (Aik) 0:17; pinned T’Juan Davis (Hug) 2:49; pinned Charlie Lindberg (IH) 1:44; was pinned by Kegen Rogers (Bad) 2:09. Finished fourth

220: Thomas Womble was pinned by Sam Brothers (CM) 0:54; forfeited to Jacob Tatman (Go). Did not place

285: Conner Barton pinned Matthew Briedis (IH) 0:58; dec Andrew Arnold (Go) 7-2; pinned Alex Coleman (Ro) 4:32. Finished first


126: Matt Asher pinned Jon Woodward (Go) 0:20; pinned Ethan Emmons (Bad) 1:14; pinned Elijah Richards (NR) 3:27. Finished first.

132: Jason Martin was pinned by Kane Schmidt (Bd) 1:35; pinned Will Lawless (Tay) 0:37; pinned Grant Goodgames (Wyo) 2:07; was dec by Casey Redemeier (Ro) 13-1; was pinned by Mason Snyder (Wil) 0:52. Finished sixth.

138: Nathan Gibbs was dec by Jaden Anderson (IH) 10-2; was dec by Ronald Harris (Hug) 7-5 OT. Did not place.

145: Bryson Mills pinned Cameron Lapthorn (Bad) 3:44; dec Casey Washburn (NR) 9-2; was pinned by Zach Dunn (Go) 1:26. Finished second

152: Robbie Frederick pinned Collins Briggs (Go) 2:47; was dec by Logan Iams (Ro) 7-3; dec Joshua Chapman (Tay) 9-6; pinned Greg Melton (Nor) 3:43. Finished third.

160: Ross Lennon pinned Seth Runyon (Tay) 1:08; was dec by Will Steuerwald (IH) 8-7; pinned Mehki Bouldin (Ro) 1:55; pinned Ethan Tefs (Wyo) 2:24. Finished third.

170: Colton Doyle (CM) pinned Miguel Martinez Gonzalez (Nor) 0:49; was pinned by Keoni Jones (Aik) 1:06; pinned Canon Ford (Wil) 4:53; pinned Bryan Henson (Bad) 2:40; was dec by Garrett Boyle (Ro) 12-3; was pinned by Keoni Jones (Aik) 0:56. Finished sixth.

195: Braxton Green was pinned by Kegen Rogers (Bad) 2:36; was pinned by Grifin Peacock (Ro) 2:01. Did not place.

220: Sam Brothers pinned Thomas Womble (Wil) 0:54; dec Kyle Rosteutscher (Bad) 6-2; was pinned by Tom Coleman (Ro) 1:09; pinned Jacob Tatman (Go) 1:34; pinned Ricky Hammond (Tay) 2:21. Finished third.

The Wilmington High School wrestling team, runnersup in the Division II Batavia Sectional wrestling tournament Saturday at BHS.
https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2018/02/web1_sectional18.jpegThe Wilmington High School wrestling team, runnersup in the Division II Batavia Sectional wrestling tournament Saturday at BHS.

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