ROB tennis opens with 5-0 victory

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Wilmington’s Rodger O. Borror Middle School tennis team defeated West Carrollton 5-0 Tuesday.

“Despite the cold temperature, the players stayed steady and only lost one game as a team,” coach Cathy Fay said.

This was the first match of the season for the young Hurricane.


April 10 2018

Borror 5 West Carrollton 0


• Brenten Nielsen def Munira Apijora 8-0

• Parker Henry def Madison Ballard 8-0

• Trey Reed def Sam Sawyer 8-0


• Ian Dalton, Asher Duge def Hayley Combs, Suarez Allison 8-0

• Taylor Noszka, Dirk Rinehart def Iyana Perkins, Munira Apijora 8-1

News Journal