Lady Hurricane claims top spot at Franklin Relays; WHS boys second

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FRANKLIN – The Wilmington High School girls track and field team won the Franklin Relays Tuesday at the Franklin City Park.

The Hurricane boys finished as runnersup.

Wilmington’s boys posted three wins.

The 1,600 sprint medley relay team of Dorian Taylor, Parker Gunkel, Ryland Bowman and Simon Heys ran 3:49.87.

The 4×100 relay of DJ Ames, Gunkel, Grant Mayer and Ely Schumacher clocked in at 46.71.

The 800 sprint medley relay of Bowman, Mayer, Taylor and Heys finished in 1:42.05.

For the Lady Hurricane, five relays came out on top.

The shot put duo of Lauren Heard and Cayleigh Vance went 57-9.

The 1,600 sprint medley relay team of Anna Borton, Rhianna Madden, Hannah Joeckel and Shannon O’Boyle ran 5:19.3.

Sophie Burt, Josie Nichols, Sami McCord and O’Boyle ran a 26:32 in the 4×1,600 relay.

The distance medley team of Petra Bray, McCord, Burt and Nichols ran 15:23.

The 4×800 relay team of Burt, McCord, Bray and Nichols finished in 11:06.

“Shannon had a great night,” WHS coach Roger Ilg said. “She came from behind twice to seal the deal.”


April 10 2018

Franklin Relays

@Franklin City Park


TEAM SCORES: Wilmington 96 Madison 86 Fenwick 83 Edgewood 45 Franklin 40 Carlisle 26

HIGH JUMP: 2, 8-10, Katie Lambcke 4-6, Jordan Snarr 4-4

DISCUS: 2, 174-5 Aaliyah Huff 93-6; Lauren Heard 80-11

LONG JUMP: 2, 26-4, Ashlyn Carey 13-3; Sadie Bowman 13-1.25

SHOT PUT: 1, 57-9, Lauren Heard 33-1; Cayleigh Vance 24-8

4X800 RELAY: 1, Sophie Burt, Sami McCord, Petra Bray, Josie Nichols 11:06

4X200 RELAY: 3, Autumn Housh, Sylena Baltazar, Hannah Joeckel, Rhianna Madden 1:59.77

4X100 RELAY: 3, Anna Borton, Rachel Barker, Sylena Baltazar, Sadie Bowman 57.0

SHUTTLE HURDLES: 5, Jordan Snarr, Hannah Joeckel, Sadie Bowman, Sylena Baltazar 1:22.98

DISTANCE MEDLEY: 1, Petra Bray, Sami McCord, Sophie Burt, Josie Nichols 15:23

4×1600 RELAY: 1, Sophie Burt, Josie Nichols, Sami McCord, Shannon O’Boyle 26:32

800 SPRINT MEDLEY: 3, Anna Borton, Rachel Barker, Hannah Joeckel, Autumn Housh 2:13.9

1600 SPRINT MEDLEY: 1, Anna Borton, Rhianna Madden, Hannah Joeckel, Shannon O’Boyle 5:19.3

4X400 RELAY: 4, Autumn Housh, Sylena Baltazar, Rhianna Madden, Sadie Bowman 4:44.79


TEAM SCORES: Franklin 90 Wilmington 73 Edgewood 57 Fenwick 43 Carlisle 32 Madison 29

HIGH JUMP: 3, Dorian Taylor 5-8; 9, Brandon Glass 5-0

DISCUS: 4, Derek Davis 118-0; 8, Elijah Martini 86-9

LONG JUMP: 2, Ryland Bowman 18-4.5; 10, Kendal France 15-10.5

SHOT PUT: 6, Derek Davis 37-0; 10, Alex Flanigan 30-4

4X800 RELAY: 4, Tyler Parks, Aiden Hester, Jacob Martin, Adonis Peterson 10:18.86

4×1600 RELAY: 3, Tyler Preston, Pedro Escobedo, Ian Holmes, Luke Mulvey 23:07

800 SPRINT MEDLEY: 1, Ryland Bowman, Grant Mayer, Dorian Taylor, Simon Heys 1:42.05

4X200 RELAY: 2, Zach Bradshaw, Frantz Cherisca, Dre’Aunte Singleton, Jeffery Burton 1:41.2

1600 SPRINT MEDLEY: 1, Dorian Taylor, Parker Gunkel, Ryland Bowman, Simon Heys 3:49.87

4X100 RELAY: 1, DJ Ames, Parker Gunkel, Grant Mayer, Ely Schumacher 46.71

DISTANCE MEDLEY: 4, Derek Davis, Brady McKinney, PJ Godsey, Tyler Preston 14:14

SHUTTLE HURDLES: 2, Dre’Aunte Singleton, Sloan Marsh, Kendal France, Zach Bradshaw 1:12.44

4X400 RELAY: 2, Kendal France, Carter Huffman, TJ Killen, Joshua Andrews 3:50.98

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